Spy x Family Episode 22 reinvented tennis! [Review]

Spy x Family
Our spy duo is ready for a friendly game! Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

It’s still cheating, even if you have to train to do it! Spy x Family Episode 22: The Underground Tennis Tournament: The Campbelldon was hilarious.

Fiona’s use of Phony for their last name and claiming they’re married for the cover story was predictable. As well as her reactions to anyone disrespecting Loid.

But watching the anime bring the tournament to life was a treat that any sports fan should watch.

Spy x Family
Are they ok? Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

Is Fiona getting sloppy?

Fiona was in charge of gathering intelligence and forming a plan. Yet her feelings for Loid resulted in her making rookie mistakes or trying to make herself look better.

Yor, Anya, and Bond didn’t get much screentime, but at least we see them enjoying a nice day practicing tennis in a park. Until Yor starts doubting herself, but Anya is quick to comfort her and overhear Yor, thinking if Anya can read her mind.

The anime follows the manga during the episode. But first, we’re introduced to Loid and Fiona’s opponents and see how far cheating goes in the tournament.

Loid doesn’t appear to be bothered by Fiona’s lack of planning/possible manipulation. Even with the use of drugs, most teams fell quickly due to Fiona pushing herself to show off for Loid.

But will they be able to win, and why does Anya look worried in the preview? Is Fiona about to challenge Yor to a tennis match?

Will the winner be the true Mrs. Forger? Or will Loid have to step in?

Training to cheat is fine if you win.

Besides drugs in and out of the court, the rigged court, and the custom rackets. Unfortunately, we don’t see much illegal creativity during the tournament.

Part of that is for comedic effect and pacing, but it would be nice to see a real challenge for our spies. And having a cliffhanger doesn’t add to the tension.

Even if I didn’t read the manga, it’s clear that Loid is about to pull off something extraordinary, and Fiona will go into another “I love you” inner declaration. This mission might help with Operation Strix, but we haven’t seen Loid backed into a corner yet.

He’s been overworked, stressed out, and worried about Anya’s grades, making him easier to identify with. But we haven’t seen anyone that can be a rival for Loid.

Yuri comes close, but given how quickly Loid saw through him, it dulls Yuri’s impact. Will Fiona’s attempts to win the Wife role be what tips Loid over the edge?

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