Spy x Family Episode 23 ends with tennis?! [Review]

Spy x Family
Loid refuses to lose! Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

Spy x Family Episode 23: The Unwavering Path starts and ends with tennis. Although the underground tennis tournament didn’t last long.

Fiona isn’t about to let a single defeat stop her. But does she have a chance against Yor? And why does Yor look upset in the final scene?

Spy x Family
Yor vs. Fiona! Pic credit: WIT STUDIO and CLOVERWORKS

The way to world peace is a happy marriage.

The tournament ends with several desperate attempts by the Campbell siblings. But Loid and Fiona barely lose their stride.

But just when victory is theirs, the State Secret Police pay Campbell a call. Which begs the question, why didn’t Fiona decide to impersonate a State Secret Police officer with Loid?

It would’ve saved them time and confused the State Secret Police. But, of course, the West would have been their first guess.

But I doubt WISE is the only government agency that will tangle with the East. And with no proof, the matter would eventually be swept under the rug.

Especially with no threats or demands being made over the coming days. The truth behind the Lady in the Sun and the secret code was hilarious.

Anyone would be upset if they found their partner with numerous photos of other people, even if they’re rare photos of young actresses.

Yor vs. Fiona: Round one!

At last, we reach the part fans have been waiting for! Fiona challenges Yor to a “friendly” tennis match.

Anya finally begins to understand Becky’s obsession with Berlint in Love and declares she likes fighting shows! However, Loid isn’t thrilled with Yor’s decision to play tennis with Fiona.

And the truth becomes clear when Yor hits the ball hard enough for the strings to cut through the ball. Fiona is understandably shocked but doesn’t have time to process it.

Because Yor hits the next ball faster than the speed of sound! Fiona does stop the ball with her racket, but it breaks from the force, and the ball hits a tree.

Yor drops her racket and rushes to Fiona’s side, but the spy quickly dashes off in her car. Finally, she admits defeat but wants a revenge match.

And we see her practicing her swing deep in the mountains and scaring the animals. But the episode ends with Yor looking upset.

She won the battle but is Loid about to lose her?

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