Spy x Family Episode 24 screenshots are here!

Spy x Family
Anya and Becky have a shopping spree! Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

Spy x Family Episode 24 is another couple of mini-episodes. The Role of a Mother and Wife will likely be focused on Yor.

While the second half, Shopping with Friends, will give us some much-needed cuteness. Can Becky bribe her way into the Forger family?

Spy x Family
Is this another of Yor’s wild speculations? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

Is this the beginning of the end?

Sadly, Spy x Family Episode 25 will mark the end of Season 1, but what kind of ending will we get? Yor was upset at the end of episode 23.

But Loid is usually quick to notice any changes in her mood. So can he soothe her fears and keep the Forgers together?

Spy x Family
Is Loid trying to win Yor over with a meal at a restaurant? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

It’s time for an adult conversation!

Those red lines either mean Yor is drunk or blushing like crazy. I’m betting it’s the first due to their outfits and the background.

You’d think Loid would avoid alcohol since Yor isn’t at her best when drunk. But this could be what they need to open up to each other.

Just because they’re a fake family doesn’t mean their problems are fake.

Spy x Family
Guess who’s on babysitting duty again. Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

Poor Franky

Franky is one of the best-supporting characters I’ve ever seen. He’s not annoying, he’s more than comic relief, and he’s one of the few people Loids trusts.

He sees a side to the spy that his colleagues don’t. And he’s not afraid to speak his mind when he feels like it.

Not to mention he volunteered for the wife role, which took guts! If he didn’t care about Loid as a person, he’d never have tried to pose as a woman.

Spy x Family
What will Bond and Anya do today? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWOKS

We need more excitement!

It’s unclear how far Bond can see into the future. But that doesn’t matter because Anya is always up for an adventure!

Can a dose of doggy love save the day and world peace? Or will we see a mini-war between Becky and Fiona?

Spy x Family
Is she scared or in shock? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

Shopping with friends is fun!

Especially if your friend comes from a wealthy family and wants to get on your good side, but let’s be honest, Becky is six and doesn’t stand a chance against Yor or Fiona. But it’s never boring to see her try!

We know Anya would love to eat fancy food every day. And being close to Becky can’t hurt Loid’s mission.

But this case of puppy love pales compared to what Yor and Fiona are going through!

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