Spy x Family Episode 24 will steal your heart! [Review]

Spy x Family
What will Bond and Anya do today? Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWOKS

Spy x Famiy Episode 24: The Role of a Wife and Mother/Shopping with Friends may have gone overboard with the cuteness. We see a resolution between Loid and Yor.

The first look at Loid’s childhood, Franky asks an odd question and part of Becky’s past! And Episode 25 will feature Mr. Desmond!

Spy x Family
Anya and Becky have a shopping spree! Pic credit: WIT STUDIOS and CLOVERWORKS

The Role of a Wife and Mother

Yor is still upset at the start of the episode and doesn’t notice her surroundings. She walks into a lampost, doesn’t realize her neighbors are talking to her, and fails to see Loid walking home a few feet behind her.

Fortunately, Loid is close enough to hear what the neighbors are saying and is quick to devise a plan. But, first, he pays Franky to watch Anya, which leads to Franky throwing Bond’s food bowl at Loid’s head.

Then he heads to a bar to meet with Yor. She orders a Red Queen while Loid says he’ll have his usual scotch.

The anime differs from the manga in a couple of ways, but essentially, Yor is struggling to wish Loid well and bow out of the Forger’s lives. But she can’t bring herself to do it.

She knows her marriage to Loid is only a matter of convenience, and she has no say in his personal life. But with the power of alcohol, Yor partly reveals her true feelings and kicks Loid in the chin when he tries to use a Honey Trap on her.

Loid quickly blacks out and wakes up in a park with his head in Yor’s lap. Yor was singing a lullaby that Loid’s mother used to sing, and Loid told Yor that she was strong like his mother.

And that Anya feels safe because of Yor. Meanwhile, Franky asks Anya if she likes her parents. Anya says she loves them, but Franky doesn’t seem happy with her answer.

Shopping with Friends

Anya has given up on earning eight Stella. Her studies and attempts at sports aren’t improving.

But she still wants to help with world peace, leaving plan B. Becky mistakes Anya’s frustration as her struggling with a crush on Damien and invites Anya to go shopping with her.

Loid gives Anya a thick wad of cash that would make most children envious. But Becky tells Anya that it won’t be enough.

Becky rented an entire department store for them, and Anya tried on several outfits. But fashion is hard for Anya.

And soon, Becky is trying on and buying a small mountain of clothes and shoes. Next, the girls visit a cafe in the store, and Anya sees a sheep keychain on display.

She buys matching ones for her and Becky, and Martha has a flashback to when Becky was younger. Becky would fight with other students and didn’t have any friends.

But watching her and Anya have fun makes Martha happy. The trip ends with Anya holding a tin of peanuts, and Loid is confused about why two keychains cost almost all of the money he gave Anya!

Fortunately, the next day Damien is speechless by how happy Anya is as she’s laughing with Becky.

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