Spy x Family Episode 5 story arc introduces new characters Damien Desmond, Becky Blackbell, Emile Elman, and Ewen Edeburg

Anya Forger crying
Screencap of Anya Forger from Spy X Family crying. Pic credit: Cloverworks

Spy x Family Episode 5 is finally getting to the main event of Operation Strix, featuring new characters and their talented voice actors. Two of which will impact Anya’s school life and Twilight’s mission.

And since today is Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to appreciate the moms in our lives and celebrate Yor’s coming into her own as Anya’s mother!

Damien Desmond on the cover of manga Volume 7. Pic credit: Tatsuya Endo

New Spy x Family story arc: What’s new, and who’s who?

The next Spy x Family arc is Eden Beginnings and will mainly take place at Eden Acadamy, which will give us more of our favorite esper! But just because six-year-olds surround her doesn’t mean things will be easy.

Joining our main cast is Natsumi Fujiwara as Damien Desmond, Emiri Kato as Becky Blackbell, Hana Sato as Emile Elman, and Haruka Okamura as Ewen Edeburg. If you haven’t seen or read Spy x Family, Damien Desmond is the son of Donovan Desmond.

And is the reason why Twilight is on this mission. So it’s crucial that Anya gets along with Damien and hopefully be his friend.

I’ll give you a slight spoiler: it doesn’t work well. But not from lack of effort on Twilight’s part. That poor man tries so hard on Anya’s first day!

All hail the moms

Spy x Family Episode 5: Will They Pass Or Fail? Is one of my favorite episodes of any anime. Not only do we get to see the pivotal moment that shows the Forgers are a real family, but we get one of the cutest rewards I’ve ever seen.

Following the aftermath of episode 4, The Prestigious School’s Interview, the Forgers make their way back to Eden Acadamy only to discover that Anya didn’t make it into the final cut for attending the school. But just as they’re about to head home, Housemaster Henderson tells them that Anya is on the waiting list and that a few students drop out of the academy every year.

A few days later, Loid answers the phone and is quick to pull out a noise popper to celebrate the good news. Anya is officially enrolled at Eden, and Operation Strix can continue.

Franky, the informant that helps Twilight throughout the first arc, invites himself over and orders take-out food and wine to celebrate with the Forger family. Yor and Franky are the only ones who get drunk, and Franky guilts/strongly hints that Loid should reward Anya for passing.

Anya says she wants to recreate an episode from her favorite show, but Loid refuses at first. However, Franky keeps pushing, and Anya follows his lead until Loid makes the arrangements with his government to rent a castle and have agents play the role of servants and enemies in “Save Princess Anya!”

I love the manga, but the anime takes the game part to the next level. Loidman vs. Yor, the witch who uses physical attacks and is still drunk, is a beautiful fight.

And I almost cried when Loid hugged Anya as they watched fireworks together, and he congratulated her on passing! Thanks to episode four, we know that Anya loves her parents, and they know it, too.

What can we expect for Spy x Family Epiosde 6?

Anya’s adventures in Eden will play a crucial backdrop in the series. Sadly, this means we’ll see a certain Housemaster who made Anya cry again, but we’ll have plenty of things to look forward to.

The more time the Forgers spend together, the more their bond will grow. And the best is yet to come!

When does Loid get to meed Yuri? How will Yuri react to his sister supposedly being married for a year and having a child?

And most importantly, will their bond survive the truth? Loid and Yor didn’t fall in love at first sight, but they respect each other and care about Anya.

I know I’m not the only one who cheered at the end of Episode 4. That mosquito saved Swan’s life, and I was so happy to see Yor’s and Loid’s reactions near the end.

Loid can say their family is fake and pretend not to care, but we’ve already soon through his act. I can’t wait for Spy x Family Episode 6; it will be amazing and funny.

Don’t miss it and read the manga right after! Yor is one of the best moms in anime, and she’ll continue to prove it!

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