STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE Mission Report trailer reveals D.U.M.A. and Vanguard Assault details

Raymond is perplexed when coming into contact with D.U.M.A. in STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE.
Raymond is initially puzzled by the “life form” known as D.U.M.A. Pic credit: tri-Ace/Square Enix

JRPG fans looking for their next fix can’t go wrong with the upcoming sci-fi epic STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE. Developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix, the latest installment in the Star Ocean franchise will be released on October 27, 2022. And it will hit the following platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC (Windows only and available through Steam). 

Square Enix has been keeping excitement levels up for this anticipated title by releasing several trailers and teasers. And their latest video: STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE Mission Report: #2 D.U.M.A. and Vanguard Assault — provides some juicy details!

So what exactly is D.U.M.A., and why does it play such a crucial role in this title? D.U.M.A. is a robotic-looking machine with high intelligence but refers to itself as a “life form.” It survived a Pangalactic Federation battleship attack by escaping in a pod. And it eventually comes into contact with Raymond and the rest of his crew.

Initially, Raymond doesn’t know what to make of D.U.M.A., but it ends up joining the spaceship captain and his crew. And while it seems friendly enough, it doesn’t quite make its true intentions known.

Could it be hiding something vital that could impact how the plot unfolds? We don’t yet know if D.U.M.A. will deliver any unexpected plot twists, but it does bestow powerful abilities to each party member.

D.U.M.A. and Vanguard Assault abilities explained

If there’s one thing that tri-Ace is known for, it’s creating intricate battle and gameplay mechanics. Fortunately, STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE doesn’t come short in this department, thanks to the introduction of Vanguard Assault.

The D.U.M.A. hardware allows players to access Vanguard Assault, which features a range of abilities as follows:

  • Flight – Allows a party member to fly in towns or field maps to find hidden maps or activate combos.
  • Field Scan – Scans surrounding area for hard-to-find items and treasure chests.
  • VA Attack – A powerful attack unleashed soon after a party member levitates.
  • Blindside – Enemies temporarily loses track of a party member and are more vulnerable to attacks.
  • Surprise Attack – A Surprise Attack and accompanying bonus occurs when attacking an enemy that’s unaware of the nearby party member.
D.U.M.A. and Laeticia engage enemies in a battle skirmish in STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE.
D.U.M.A. comes in handy in intense battle encounters. Pic credit: tri-Ace/Square Enix

Who are the main characters in STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE?

When starting a session of STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE, players will have to choose between Raymond or Laeticia.

Raymond originates from the planet of Verguld and is the captain of the Ydas merchant vessel. He’s a kind-hearted individual and has good business sense. But his overconfidence recklessly leads him into dangerous encounters best avoided.

Laeticia originates from the planet of Aster IV and is the Princess of the Kingdom of Aucerius. She’s admired throughout the kingdom and is straight-laced in her demeanor. But she enjoys wearing armor and displays phenomenal skills with her dual blades.

Additional party members include Albaird, Elena, Midas, and Nina. They all sport unique personalities, weapons, and abilities. Thus, helping to enrich the long sci-fi saga that awaits Star Ocean and JRPG fans.

Raymond, Nina, D.U.M.A., Laeticia, and Albaird are standing in a field in STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE.
Raymond, Nina, D.U.M.A., Laeticia, and Albaird seem like one big happy family. Pic credit: tri-Ace/Square Enix

With Xenoblade Chronicles 3 out for the Nintendo Switch and many other notable JRPGs soon to hit, STAR OCEAN THE DIVINE FORCE will face stiff competition. Let’s hope it meets and exceeds the expectations of the most demanding JRPG fans. Stay tuned!

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