Stardust Telepath anime TV adaptation of Hoshikuzu Telepath manga series announced

Stardust Telepath
Poor Umika wants to go to space to make friends with aliens. But luckily, she won’t need to! Pic credit: Stardust Telepath Anime Production Committee

On October 6, 2022, @hoshitele_anime on Twitter announced that Stardust Telepath, or Hoshikuzu Telepath, is getting an anime adaptation. Unfortunately, we don’t know when it’ll come out, who’s making it, or any of the cast.

But the story is a fun twist on the alien trope, and the art is immaculate and cute. Umika, pictured above, is very easy to identify with, and I’m looking forward to learning more about the anime.

Stardust Telepath
Can Umika and Yu reach space? Pic credit: Rasuko Okuma

What is Stardust Telepath?

Stardust Telepath is the latest manga by Rasuko Okuma and is only available in Japan at two volumes. The manga is a slice-of-life, 4-panel yuri that is being serialized in Manga Time Kirara and Houbunsha is publishing the collected chapters into manga volumes.

The third volume is expected to come out on October 27, 2022. However, the chapters are very short, and the manga only has 34 chapters.

There’s no sign of the manga ending soon, but it’ll be easy for the anime to catch up to the source material. Could Stardust Telepath be a shorter anime adaptation?

Either way, the plot is both familiar and refreshing. Umika has trouble talking and making friends.

But she doesn’t let this bother her, as she’s convinced that someday, she’ll go to space and befriend aliens! However, a new transfer student, Yu, boldly declares she is an alien.

Umika wants to believe her, especially after Yu reveals her Forhead Telepathy. A technique where Yu can read the thoughts of someone by pressing their foreheads together.

The girls hit it off, and Yu promised to go with Umika into space someday. Umika promised to become Yu’s strength and help her get back home.

But neither of them knows how to build a rocket, and Yu lives in an abandoned lighthouse.

How many stars are within 100 meters?

Stardust Telepath Volume 1 shows Umika getting a lot of growth, and the girls are joined by two more by chapter 12. Yu claims to be able to teleport, and the girls make bottle rockets as research.

They even start the process of making a school club so they can have money to buy more expensive materials. But you need more than a rocket to get into space, and Yu doesn’t remember where her home planet is, why her spaceship crashed, or why she came to Earth.

Umika believes she may be the cause, but she doesn’t dare to tell Yu. The extras at the end of the book seem to confirm Umika’s suspicions, though!

Umika may feel like she doesn’t belong on Earth, but she does make a place for herself with her friends. Stardust Telepath is a cute read that everyone should enjoy.

Because we all feel like we don’t belong at times, and we never outgrow needing someone to talk to and listen to.

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