Super sized exclusive Great Ape Goku Funko! Pop

Goku in Giant Ape form. Photo cred: Quora
Goku in Giant Ape form. Pic credit: Quora

Need more Funko! Pops? If you’re a Dragon Ball fan, then you’re going to want to score yourself this one!

From Entertainment Earth comes a new Goku pop, but this isn’t just any run of the mill Goku pop, it’s a very special version of the Saiyan Z Fighter.

It’s an exclusive Great Ape Goku Funko! Pop. This vinyl figure is based on Goku from the iconic anime franchise Dragon Ball, in which he transformed into his Saiyan great ape form. Standing at a super-sized 6″ tall, it features red eyes and a bestial snarl.

Great Ape Goku Funko! Pop. Photo cred: Entertainment Earth
Great Ape Goku Funko! Pop. Pic credit: Entertainment Earth

For those who aren’t familiar with this form of Goku, here’s a quick anime lesson for you all.

Usually, during the full moon (or if they see something that looks like a full moon) a Saiyan who still has their tails can transform into a giant ape-like creature with an increase to their power level.

You can pre-order one of these Giant Ape Goku Funko! Pop figures for $21.99 right now with a shipping date of December 2019.

Hopefully, they’ll also soon release a frocked version of this oversized pop, but if they do it’ll likely be a convention exclusive…maybe for San Diego Comic-Con 2020? What do you think?

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