Sweet Reincarnation anime to adapt Okashi na Tensei light novel about an isekai food chef

Sweet Reincarnation
Pas wants to create a kingdom of sweets, but will the world let him? Pic credit: Nozomu Koryu and Yasuyuki Shuri

On August 4, 2022, @TOBOOKS on Twitter announced that Sweet Reincarnation is getting an anime adaptation. And the series is known by many names when translated; @TOBOOKS calls it Funny Tensai, Wikipedia calls it Sweet Reincarnation, while the official website states its Strange Reincarnation.

Regardless of the translation, it’s clear that this is an isekai with a sweet tooth.

Sweet Reincarnation
Even though he’s been reborn in a noble family, Pas’s life is far from easy. Pic credit: Nozomu Koryu and Yasuyuki Shuri

What is Sweet Reincarnation?

I’ve only read volume one of the manga, but hopefully, someone will pick up the light novels so we can make a proper comparison. Pastry, or Pas, known for the rest of the book, used to be a pastry chef.

Until he died, God said, “you’ll be known as Pastry Mil Molten,” and we skip ahead to when he’s nine, when he’s learning how to use a sword with his father. We learn enough about the world to keep things interesting, and the art is cute.

Pas isn’t unlikeable, and he cares about many things besides food. But I question the intelligence of some of the characters.

Fair warning, there will be spoilers, but I won’t cover every chapter. Volume 1 focuses on a group of bandits causing trouble for Pas’s family’s land and the neighboring territories.

But even though they have time to prepare, if they call for reinforcements or defeat the bandits in their territory, the neighboring areas won’t like it. If the reinforcements arrived in time, they would do their best to repel the bandits, and the cycle would continue later.

They had to rely on themselves, but The Sovereign Territory of Molten used to be barren and only had three villages with around 40 people. And this is where the stupidity begins.

According to Feuille, a full-grown man with combat experience decides to make Pas the trump card of their plan. Based on his gut feeling, Pas’s father agrees, and he takes Pas to a church to undergo a ceremony to get magic.

I like Pas’s magic. I haven’t seen it often, but it’s easily something that can turn OP, and this is the first book.

What else can we expect?

Volume 21 of the light novel will come out in Japan on August 10, 2022. The 8th volume of the manga will be released on August 16, 2022, in Japan.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on when English readers will get the 7th or 8th volumes. However, despite some of the flaws I pointed out, I don’t hate this series.

I wish they had done more to make the characters believable, especially since the setting appears to be in Medieval times with magic.

You don’t trust a child with little to no training or combat experience to help in a fight. When Pas is allowed to be a child, he’s fine.

I want to see the kingdom of sweets, but character growth and plausible reasons need to be included. Especially when you consider how many isekai titles exist and what they’ve done better.

What are your thoughts on Sweet Reincarnation? Are you looking forward to the anime? Should I read the rest of the manga before doing anything else?

Leave your comments below.

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