86 manga cancelled! 86: Run Through the Battlefront manga ending due to the artists’ health problems


86 fans are saddened to hear that the artists Motoki Yoshihara and Hiroya Yamazaki are too ill to continue working on their 86 projects. Square Enix Magazine, the editorial department of KADOKAWA Dengeki Bunko Co., Ltd., and Asato Asato, the original creator, spoke with the artists and decided to cancel the 86 mangas. Yamazaki’s condition … Read more

86 Episode 22 release date in March 2022: 86 Season 2 Episode 11 and 12 delayed

86 anime characters

The 86 Episode 22 release date has been delayed to March 12, 2022. In addition, the 86 Episode 23 release date is scheduled for March 19, 2022. The official website offered an apology for the large delay for the final two episodes of the 86 Season 2 anime TV series. “It will take some time to … Read more

86 Episode 19 release date: 86 Season 2 Episode 8 delayed

When will 86's Lena return to TV screens?

The 86 Episode 19 release date has been delayed by animation studio production problems. Instead of broadcasting on November 27, 2021, a special episode called “If it’s worth dying” will release that day. Unfortunately, the exact 86 Season 2 Episode 8 release date has not been announced by the official website yet. The anime’s official … Read more