86 manga cancelled! 86: Run Through the Battlefront manga ending due to the artists’ health problems

The 86 manga and 86: Run Through the Battlefield manga are canceled. We wish Motoki Yoshihara and Hiroya Yamazaki well. Pic credit: Asato Asato

86 fans are saddened to hear that the artists Motoki Yoshihara and Hiroya Yamazaki are too ill to continue working on their 86 projects. Square Enix Magazine, the editorial department of KADOKAWA Dengeki Bunko Co., Ltd., and Asato Asato, the original creator, spoke with the artists and decided to cancel the 86 mangas.

Yamazaki’s condition is chronic, and he’ll never be back at 100%. No other details about their conditions are known, but we wish them well.

86 Lena x Shin
“This isn’t the first time we’ve met. Although, I suppose it is the first time we’re meeting face-to-face. It’s been a while, Handle One.” Pic credit: Shirabii

Is the 86 manga ending forever?

According to Square Enix Magazine, the 86 manga will remain incomplete with its three volumes. Yen Press translated them so English readers could enjoy them.

Since this is the official adaptation, fans can still enjoy the anime and the light novels that spawned the series. Yoshihara has also worked on U-31: All You Need Is Football, Cyber Blue: Lost Number Children, Cross Battlers: Cyber Blue The Last Stand, and Battle Mexia.

The 86: Run Through the Battlefield manga adapted the beginning of the second story arc that began in volume 2 of the light novels. Sadly, it’s Yamazaki’s only work with one book only available in Japanese.

What about the rest of the 86 universe?

86: Fragmental Neoteny is a prequel manga that is still ongoing and has two volumes. 86: Operation High School is a comedy spin-off that features our favorite characters going to school.

Suzume Somemiya is the artist, and Operation High School is complete in two volumes and only available in Japanese. There’s also an official Deformed 86 manga set in the gap between the first and second seasons of the anime and an official comic anthology.

The light novels are at 11 volumes in Japan, with the 86 Volume 12 release date set for November 10, 2022. English readers aren’t far behind, with the 11th coming on November 22, 2022.

Many view 86 as the best anime of Spring 2021, and 86 Season 2 was well-received in Fall 2021. It’s unknown if we’ll get a 86 Season 3, but we all would love to see it.

How do you feel about the magazine leaving the 86 manga cancelled? Please leave a comment and pass some well-wishes to Yoshihara and Yamazaki.

You can read the official statement by Square Enix Magazine here.

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