SPY x FAMILY Yor figure Futanari turns Thorn Princess transexual in uncensored NSFW Rosa Studio version

SPY x FAMILY Yor Forger Figure Uncensored

An NSFW Yor Forger figure by Rosa Studio is raising eyebrows to the point that some fans’ faces might resemble an Anya meme. Not only does the uncensored SPY x FAMILY Yor figure come sans clothing with anatomically correct details, one of the optional replacement parts turns Yor Forger transexual by giving her fully detailed … Read more

My Dress-Up Darling Marin figure with a removable bikini is more than NSFW – it’s anatomically correct!?

Kitagawa Marin bikini figure

The My Dress-Up Darling anime is popular largely due to its good story about cosplay fans falling in love, but it does have quite the reputation for fan service, especially when it comes to the leading lady, Marin Kitagawa. Now, an upcoming My Dress-Up Darling Marin figure is turning heads since it not only features … Read more