S. H. Figuarts Frieza Third Form figure is available for pre-order!

S. H. Figuarts Frieza Third Form figure of Dragon Ball Z
The final figure in the Namekian Dragon Balls Luminous line is here! Pic credit: S. H. Figuarts

It’s been three months since S. H. Figuarts teased the Frieza Third Form figure. And now it’s available for pre-order!

This is the final figure in the Namekian Dragon Balls Luminous line. The other line members are Krillin and Kid Gohan in their battle uniforms, Zarbon, Dodoria, and Frieza’s first, second, and final forms.

Frieza Third Form comes with the six-star Namekian Dragon Ball and looks fantastic!

S. H. Figuarts Frieza Third Form of Dragon Ball Z
Frieza Third Form is ready to hear your screams! Pic credit: S. H. Figuarts

For the ultimate Frieza fan!

Frieza Third Form doesn’t get nearly enough love. But sadly, this pre-order is for a limited quantity.

The pre-order opened on January 26, 2023, and the figure will ship in September 2023. Unfortunately, there’s no word on the number needed to close the pre-order.

But Frieza Third Form will only set you back $85. And he comes with two headpieces, three face plates, three extra sets of right and left wrists, a Ki blast, and the six-star Namekian Dragon Ball.

He’s also the only Frieza figure with the tip of his tail cut off! His expressions are smiling, shouting, and an evil grin.

You can also cross his arms, and one of the headpieces is supposed to look like it’s opening the eyes, but there are no pictures of it.

Theories and facts about Frieza’s Third Form

When you think about Frieza, odds are you’ll picture him in his first or final form. Also known as Frieza’s birth form and was his strongest form before unlocking Gold and Black.

Frieza states that he created his three forms to control his power. So, would that mean his third form was the first he made?

And why does it look so different from his other forms? An in-universe reason might never be known, but Akira Toriyama loves Alien, the horror movie directed by Ridley Scott.

Frieza’s head looks almost identical to the Xenomorph. While in his other forms, his head appears closer to humans.

His power and speed made him an absolute beast, but Frieza wouldn’t be able to hide as well as a Xenomorph. Nor would he need to, except for when he goes into his final form, or Goku becomes a Super Saiyan.

Right now, the pre-order is only available on the Premium Bandai website. So grab yours before the pre-order ends.

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