Death Note sequel has President Trump, but it’s the ending that is upsetting manga fans

Death Note manga artwork

The new Death Note one-shot manga released in 2020 has fans of both the anime and manga series going nuts since it’s the first true Death Note sequel that takes place after the story events surrounding Light Yagami. This time, the Shinigami Ryuk gets bored and decides to play with a high school student named … Read more

Dr. STONE Donald Trump cameo had manga fans hoping Trump would ‘get stoned’ in new anime

Trump in the Dr. STONE manga

A Donald Trump cameo in the Dr. STONE manga had fans hoping that the U.S. President would be featured in the Dr. STONE anime. In fact, as some are putting it, they had hoped they’d “see Trump get stoned.” The story is about two high school kids, the super strong Taiju Oki and the frail-but-brilliant … Read more