Dr. STONE Donald Trump cameo had manga fans hoping Trump would ‘get stoned’ in new anime

Trump in the Dr. STONE manga
Trump won’t be MAGA (Making Anime Great Again)? The Dr. STONE anime is one of the most anticipated anime of the summer 2019 anime season. Pic credit: Boichi

A Donald Trump cameo in the Dr. STONE manga had fans hoping that the U.S. President would be featured in the Dr. STONE anime. In fact, as some are putting it, they had hoped they’d “see Trump get stoned.”

The story is about two high school kids, the super strong Taiju Oki and the frail-but-brilliant spiky-haired Senku Ishigamia, recreating civilization from scratch. In modern times, Taiju is about to declare his love for his crush, Yuzurhia, when the entire human race mysteriously turns to stone.

But the petrified Taiju managed to retain his consciousness for thousands of years by sheer strength of will because he wishes to confess to Yuzurhia his feelings. In October of the year 5738, Taiju and Senku both revive and break free of their stone shells.

Using their combination of brains and brawn, the two high school boys plan on recovering the world. They determine to figure out the principles of the petrification process and how to trigger the recovery mechanism in order to save all of humanity.

Included in that humanity would presumably be U.S. President Donald Trump. The Dr. STONE manga by writer Riichiro Inagaki (Eyeshield 21) and illustrator Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock) debuted in 2017 in Shonen Jump. Trump is shown in the first chapter of the manga series during a montage of various people turning to stone.

Dr Stone Donald Trump Cameo Manga
Donald Trump turning to stone in the Dr. STONE manga. Pic credit: Boichi

This is not the first time that Donald Trump has faced the end of the world in a manga series. The ending of the Inuyashiki manga had Trump going on an epic rant that actually made it into the anime adaptation, although Trump was much tamer in the anime.

“You are free to rob or rape,” said Trump in the Inuyashiki manga. “All of you f***ing scumbags. Just do as you will… Murder won’t be a crime from now on.”


It’s not that unusual for sitting U.S. presidents to be depicted in manga. Bill Clinton and Bush both made various showings over the years and former U.S. President Barack Obama was featured in the Air Gear manga as John Omaha.

Air Gear Manga Barack Obama John Omaha
Obama’s depiction in the Air Gear manga was particularly over-the-top ridiculous because it had the POTUS switching bodies with a woman named Emily. Not only does this female Obama fight with a rifle while wearing Air Treks, the character even declares, “If I stay in this body, it’ll grow a mushroom!” (Don’t think too hard about that one… just don’t.) Pic credit: Oh! great

Even Barron Trump has been turned into a manga character in The Adventures of Barron Trump and his Loud-Mouthed President Father (yes, it really was a real manga).

The Adventures of Barron and his Loud-Mouthed President Father
The Adventures of Barron and his Loud-Mouthed President Father. Pic credit: Chiang Ling

Trump also made an appearance alongside Obama in the Baki The Grappler manga series, which was adapted into Netflix’s Baki anime (see our article on Baki Season 3).

Baki The Grappler Manga Donald Trump Barack Obama
In the Baki manga, Trump is so frightened by one of the Baki characters that he pees himself. Pic credit: Keisuke Itagaki

Unfortunately, Trump is reportedly not making a cameo appearance in the Dr. STONE anime.

“They cut the Donald Trump cameo out of Dr. Stone. Noooo ahhh,” tweeted Yonkou Productions. “They would have cast an actual Donald Trump, too, since he would have had voiced lines.”

Let’s just hope Trump ends up with a funny cameo in another future anime.

The premiere of the new anime’s first episode will kick off at Anime Expo 2019 at noon on July 4, 2019, with special guests Shusuke Katagiri (Dr. STONE anime producer) and Hiroyuki Honda (Weekly Shonen Jump manga editor) in attendance. The premiere at the Los Angeles Convention Center will be followed by a fan Q&A session with the creators.

The general Dr. STONE anime release date is coming up this week on July 5, 2019. It will be streaming on Crunchyroll.

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