Is Spy x Family cancelled? Spy x Family controversy on TikTok claims anime sexualized Anya Forger

Frame from Spy x Family anime showing Anya Forger blushing.

Spy x Family has been a massive success since its Spring 2022 release. But while fans speak highly of the show’s well-written and likable cast along with comedic elements, others have deemed it problematic. To say the anime is “cancelled” is really just a figure of speech of Cancel Culture. But is there any merit … Read more

Great Pretender Season 2 release date for Netflix U.S. English dub – Great Pretender Episode 15 – 23 in November 2020 for USA

Great Pretender Season 2

The initial Great Pretender release date on Netflix U.S. occurred on August 20, 2020. Already, Netflix U.S. has announced that they will release the second half of the anime series (Great Pretender Part 2: Episodes 15 – 23) in November 2020, but will it be officially labeled as Great Pretender Season 2? Thankfully, the wait … Read more