Moonrise anime release date in 2024 – Netflix x Wit Studio team up for an original sci-fi story

Promotional imagery for Netflix and Wit Studio anime Moonrise.

Netflix has something new in store for sci-fi fans with their upcoming original anime Moonrise. Produced by Wit Studio (known for Spy × Family), this action-packed space tale has caught the eye of many not only due to its gorgeous visuals but because of the staff involved.  CEO George Wada had something special to share … Read more

Magic: The Gathering Kamigawa: Shining World anime trailer for new set released by WIT Studio

Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic the Gathering, recently put out an anime trailer in collaboration with WIT Studios ahead of the release of their upcoming set, Kamigawa Neon Dynasty. To help showcase these more modern Japanese aesthetics, Wizards of the Coast reached out to WIT Studio, known for their work on Attack … Read more

Great Pretender Season 3 release date for Netflix U.S. predictions: WIT Studio discusses sequel

Netflix Great Pretender Season 3

The Great Pretender Season 3 anime will have Makoto Edamura, Laurent Thierry, and the gang return for a new adventure. But when will Netflix’s Great Pretender Season 3 come out? The Great Pretender anime is an original story by WIT Studio, best known for producing the Attack On Titan anime series (but not Attack On Titan … Read more

Great Pretender Season 2 release date for Netflix U.S. English dub – Great Pretender Episode 15 – 23 in November 2020 for USA

Great Pretender Season 2

The initial Great Pretender release date on Netflix U.S. occurred on August 20, 2020. Already, Netflix U.S. has announced that they will release the second half of the anime series (Great Pretender Part 2: Episodes 15 – 23) in November 2020, but will it be officially labeled as Great Pretender Season 2? Thankfully, the wait … Read more