Takt op. Destiny English Dub release date, cast, and crew confirmed by Crunchyroll

takt op. Destiny English dub, cast, and crew announced by Crunchroll
The main character Destiny from the Takt op. Destiny anime. Pic credit: Madhouse X MAPPA

Crunchyroll’s Takt op. Destiny English dub release date was at 3:30 pm on April 23, 2022. New dubbed episodes for the show will be streaming on a weekly basis until the TV show is complete.

In addition to the release date of the English dub, information regarding the English dub cast and crew has also been released.

English dub cast for the show includes:

  • Ernesto Jason Liebrecht, known for Yato in Noragami, as Takt
  • Emi Lo, known for Tsugumi Hattori in Orient, as Destiny
  • Alexis Tipton, known for Kaguya Shinomiya in Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2, as Anna
  • Sara Ragsdale, known for Riko Saikawa in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, as Jimmy
  • Mallorie Rodak, known for Yukina Aguria in Fairy Tail, as Jimmy’s mother
  • Sarah Wiendhenheft, known for Tohru Kobayashi in Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, as Jimmy’s sister
  • Additional voice cast includes Nazeeh Tarsha, Kelvin D. Thelwell, Shawn Gann, Alex Mai, Jim Johnson, and Jordan Dash Cruz

The Takt op. Destiny dub crew

English dub crew for the show includes:

  • Caitlin Glass is the ADR Director
  • Emi Lo is the Assistant ADR Director
  • Zachary Davis is the Lead ADR Engineer
  • Gino Palencia is the Mix Engineer
  • Eliza Harris and Ben Phillips are ADR Scriptwriters under Script Supervisor Bonny Clinkenbeard
  • Brandon Peters is in charge of ADR prep
takt op. Destiny logo
The Takt op. Destiny English dub, cast, and crew were announced by Crunchyroll. Pic credit: Madhouse X MAPPA

What is Takt op. Destiny all about

Takt op. is a multimedia project by Bandai Namco and DeNA. The project includes an anime, a game, and an illustration novel.

The anime series takt op. Destiny is based on the Takt op concept and animated in a joint effort by Madhouse and MAPPA under the direction of Yuki Ito, best known for Grandblue fantasy the Animation. Series composition by Kiyoko Yoshimura and character designs adapted for animation by Reiko Nagasawa.

Takt op Destiny OP “takt” was performed by Supercell’s Ryo and featured vocals from Mafumafu and Gaku. The ED “Symphonia” was performed by Mika Nakashima.

Crunchyroll streams the series on its platform and describes the plot of the series as:

Music is the light that illuminates people’s hearts– and that “light” was suddenly taken from the world. The world changed the night the black “Kuroya Meteorite” fell. Grotesque monsters known as D2 emerged from the meteorite and began to overrun the land and people. As the D2 were drawn to melodies people played, eventually “music” itself became taboo.

However, those who opposed the monsters appeared. The “Musicart,” girls who draw power from music. They possess the great operas and musical scores of humanity’s history and use them to defeat the D2.

With them are the “Conductors” who lead the girls. The year is 2047. The United States has been devastated by the struggle against the D2. Takt the Conductor and Destiny the Musicart travel together to New York. In a world without music, Takt longs for it. Meanwhile, Musicart Destiny hopes to wipe out the D2. Will the melody they produce together be joy or despair?

Takt op game was scheduled to be released in 2021 but was delayed into 2022. More details are awaited.

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