Team RWBY Project 2022 announcement planned for AnimeJapan

An alternate reality Weiss Schnee sits on a throne of ice with robots behind her.
An alternate reality Weiss Schnee sits on a throne of ice with robots behind her. Pic credit: Team RWBY Project

The Team RWBY Project was announced by the RWBY official account on January 31, 2022.

The official account retweeted the following announcement from Team RWBY Project:

“Team RWBY Project Unveiled!!” says the translated tweet. “In 2013, the American company Rooster Teeth Productions created the show RWBY, a web-anime series. To carry on its legacy, a new key visual has been freshly drawn for the project to accompany its announcement!! Future news will be revealed on this account!”

As of yet, besides the website, no further details have been unveiled regarding the specifics behind the project.

However, several voice actors from the RWBY franchise have quote retweeted this post with words of excitement regarding the scope of the project.

“YESSS!! Get excited… more details to come! #RWBY” tweeted Kara Eberle (the voice of Weiss, the character featured in the key visual).

“I legitimately cannot wait and I STILL cannot believe it,” tweeted Miles Luna.

From the excitement felt by the cast and crew of RWBY, it’s clear that the project might be ambitious in scope. Considering Weiss’s outfit has not been used in the canon web series of RWBY, this might be an alternate reality setting for RWBY and its characters.

When will Team RWBY Project be unveiled?

No further details have been released regarding the release date of this unannounced project, but the official Twitter account for the project has stated that the whole picture behind Team RWBY Project will be unveiled as part of a special stage at AnimeJapan 2022 on March 26, 2022. So, be sure to keep your eyes peeled if you’re interested in learning more about Team RWBY Project and what it entails!

Are VTubers involved in the project?

One interesting thing to note is that as of the time of writing, Yagoo, CEO of Hololive, currently follows the account for the upcoming RWBY project. It’s also rumored that Huke, the artist behind Kiara of Hololive English, contributed to the art of the key visual. It might be possible that this may tie into Hololive’s Holoearth or Hololive Alternative projects in some way or another, but only time will tell. Considering these facts, a collaboration between the two might not be entirely off the table… we’ll just have to wait and see!

Regardless, we have our hopes set high for AnimeJapan 2022 and for what this project might mean for the future of RWBY!

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