Teppen-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manga is getting an anime in July 2022!

Five groups of girls will compete to achieve their dreams in Teppen-!!! Pic credit: Drive

Teppen-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is getting an anime on July 2, 2022, with only two manga volumes available in Japan! If you wish to look up more information on this series, I recommend writing Tepen anime or Teppen-!!!

As Teppen is a free-to-play collectible card game by GungHo Online Entertainment and Capcom, Teppen! is a different manga series by Wataame Shoujo.

Teppen means Summit and is very fitting for all three of these series.

Teppen-!!! Received the green light for an anime with just two manga volumes!

What is Teppen-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Teppen-!!! It is about Yayoi Sakamoto, a diehard fan of comedians and comedy acts. She enrolls at Kazuki High School in Nanba because it’s Osaka’s famous district for comedians starting.

She meets up with her childhood friend Yomogi Takahashi, and the two begin performing comedy routines in a park. Then, they decide to enter a local shopping area contest and run into a mysterious girl.

Inujun and Namamugi created the Teppen-!!! manga based on the Seiyu San-Shimai Team Y formed by voice actresses Mikoi Sasaki, Aimi, and Ayasa Ito.

Young Wai-Wai

Ayasa Ito voices Yayoi Sakamoto, Aimi voices Yomogi Takahahi, and Mikoi Sasaki is Yuzu Hosono. Their group is Young Wai-Wai and they represent the Kansai region.


The Celebri-Tea team represents the Tokai region. Riko Kohara is Mako Shirakabe, Saika Kitamori is Saeka Yabukita, and Yuki Wakai is Hikari Jogasaki.

Akudare Okoku

Akudare Okoku represents the Kanto region. Himari Hazuki is Hina Kasama, Megu Sakuragawa is Miyu Komatsuzaki, and Moe Toyato is Misao Ushku.


Shinryakusha represents the Hokkaido area. Nanae Kojima is Yuina Rokkatei, Aina Suzuki is Mone Ishiya, and Momoyo Koyama is Chihori Hokuto.

Dangan Kunoichi

Dangan Kunoichi represents the Kansai area. Honoka Kuroki is Iroha Akishika, Mayu Sagara is Kana Kiyotsuru, and Aina Aiba voices Chitose Amano.

Shinji Takamatsu is the chief director, and Toshinori Watanabe is helping direct at the animation studio Drive. Jun Kumagai is writing the scripts, and Technoboys Pulcraft Greenfund makes the music.

The opening theme song is Teppen- Tengoku ~ TOP OF THE LAUGH!!!~ by Teppen- All-Stars, the 15 main voice actoresess. Then, May’n performs the ending theme Ahatte Teppen.

Teppen-!!! Has pop-up stores, and the Team Y voice actresses have participated in live events and voice dramas. This is the first time I’ve heard of a manga getting an anime with only two volumes, so I’ll be watching this one.

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