The Detective Is Already Dead 2 anime sequel confirmed to be in production by Kadokawa

The Detective Is Already Dead
The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 is confirmed! Pic credit: Umibozu

On July 23, 2022, the official TanMoshi Twitter announced that The Detective Is Already Dead Season 2 anime TV show has been greenlit for production. Although the studio and length of the new season are unknown, fans are curious to see what new adventures await our cast.

And will we learn what happens in volume three of the light novel, since season one covered the first two books?

The Detective Is Already Dead
Sure, they look happy, but we know that will change! Pic credit: The Detective Is Already Dead Planning Committee

We have a teaser trailer!

And it’s full of compelling images that might hint at what Season 2 will have. Season 1 started on an exciting premise, but many find the story confusing.

Not due to the contents but to how the story is told, since the first half of episodes 1, 2-4, 10, 11, and 12 cover volume 1. Then Volume 2 is adapted by the second half of episodes 1, 5-9, and parts of 11 and 12.

There are six light novel volumes available in Japan, with the 7th coming out on August 25, 2022. English readers will get to enjoy volume four on September 20, 2022.

There are two manga adaptations. The first covers volume one of the light novels and has four books so far. English readers can pick up volume three on October 18, 2022.

The second manga adaptation, The Detective Is Already Dead: The Lost Memory covers volume two of the light novels. Sadly, this one is only available in Japan.

Hopefully, Yen Press will be able to pick up the rights to it, just like they did with the first manga and light novels.

What’s going on?

The Detective Is Already Dead will have you scratching your head constantly. Who is Siesta, and how can she be dead and still able to come back to life?

Why is Kimizuka a trouble magnet, and what’s happening with everyone?! I love it when anime makes me think long after the episode ends, but 12 episodes aren’t enough time to properly enjoy this series.

Our main cast looks so happy in the above image, but who will wreck it? New enemy? Old enemy? Both?! And how do you feel about The Detective Is Already Dead getting a second season?

What was your favorite part of season one? Leave a comment, make some theories, and we’ll keep you posted whenever we get more information.

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