The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 release date confirmed for Winter 2023 anime season

Shinka no MiSeason 2
The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 anime will have Sheiichi becoming the teacher of a bunch of misfit students in Class F. Pic credit: Studio feel/Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment

The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 release date is on January 13, 2023, the Winter 2023 anime TV season.

The total number of episodes will be 12 in one cour. The 12 episodes will be released as a single The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD box set.

The exact The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 release date was revealed by a new PV trailer on November 24, 2022.

Crunchyroll will be streaming The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 episodes when they come out in North America, Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, and CIS.

Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei Season 2 will continue the story of Seiichi Hiiragi and Saria in the isekai manga/light novel series.

According to the official Twitter account, The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 has “evolved” a new title, True: Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made (Shin Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei).

The initial announcement of the second season was made at 10 AM JST on April 1, 2022. While that sounds like an April Fools’ Joke, sometimes the anime industry will make legitimate announcements on that day. Keep in mind that the ending of the first season also referred to the anime TV sequel as a joke.

True: The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2
The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 announcement art features a new mysterious character. Pic credit: Studio feel / Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment

When the initial announcement was made an official website at launched with a countdown of 126 days. The countdown coincided with Day 1 of Crunchyroll Expo 2022 on August 5, 2022… but when the anime teaser page reached 0 it began to count down into the negatives!?

The official Twitter literally announced that the “minus counter is in progress”. The marketing campaign has been as quirky as the anime itself, so it wasn’t surprising when the announcement was made during Crunchyroll Expo 2022 in August 6, 2022.

To give you an idea how weird this series can get, the franchise started a new campaign called “The Forest of Evolution” which is a bunch of limited edition Fruit of Evolution NFT art. On April 29, 2022, they randomly giving out via a lottery 100 NFT via OpenSea to those who registered.

Fruit of Saria
The Fruit of Evolution NFT the secret Fruit of Saria. Pic credit: Twitter

The first season’s finale, The Fruit of Evolution Episode 12, was released on December 20, 2021 (or, after midnight in Japan on December 21, 2021).

The 12 episodes will be released as a single-volume The Fruit of Evolution Blu-Ray box set. However, the release date hasn’t been set since the official website requires at least 300 pre-orders to justify a BD release. The anime production committee will announce whether or not the Blu-Ray will be sold on January 31, 2022.

  • Updated January 27, 2022: Total number of episodes confirmed by BD box set.
  • Updated November 24, 2022: The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 release date confirmed by new trailer PV.
  • Updated September 23, 2022: Added new key visual.
  • Updated August 8, 2022: The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 release date confirmed for Winter 2023.
  • Updated April 1, 2022: The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 confirmed.

This article provides everything that is known about The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 (The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 / Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei Season 2) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Shinka no Mi Season 2 anime spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

The last time audiences watched the anime, the overly OP Seiichi “The Man Who Made The World Yield” Hiiragi had become known as the Nightmare of All Monsters due to instant killing a large mob of S-Rank level boss demon monsters

Seiichi has leveled up to the point where he’s more than doubting his humanity. He even accidentally creates a world-shattering farming smartphone that’ll allow him to safely grow more fruit of evolution in a safe location.

The principal of Barbador Magic Academy, the great sorcerer Saint Barnabas, recognized the importance of the Judgement spell Seiichi had cast during the battle. Now he’s recruiting Seiichi to become a teacher at the school that’s located in a neutral zone.

In response, Seiichi demands that his harem/friends come along. Saria and Lulune can become students, while Artoria Greem becomes a combat instructor and Origa becomes Seiichi’s assistant. Louise will be left behind since she’s integral to maintaining the country’s security as a transcendent.

Seiichi is bewildered by the sudden request by Barnabas, but he is worried about his former classmates, including Karen Kannazuki, who attend the school as “heroes”.

(It’s easy to get Arifureta flashbacks at this point since that other anime rushed through the light novel in order to reunite the protagonist with his classmates.)

There is also pompous royalty like the next emperor of the Kaiser Empire, Teobolt, never mind royals from the Kingdom of Wimburg: First Prince Robert Illoas Wimbug, Second Prince Geonis Gardian Wimburg, and First Princess Lattice Tia Wimburg.

Seito Airi Airin
Former classmate Seto Airi aka Airin absolutely loves her some Seii-chan… even though she can’t remember Seiichi’s real name! Airin remembers the pudgy Seiichi as not having many friends, so she wants to pay him back for helping her in the past back on Earth. Pic credit: Sorano

Seiichi is tasked with training students that are capable of competing with the heroes from the Kaiser Empire. But for some reason, Seiichi’s class is assigned one of the most troubled classes in the school: Class F.

One of these young punks named Agnos Passion dresses up as Tokyo Revengers-style Yankee and even sports a pompadour!

Working with a female teacher named Beatrice Rogeuna as his assistant, Seiichi is assigned to this group of quirky “failures” whose talents he’s supposed to draw out. The bigger problem is that these students are not capable of using magic, so Seiichi needs to use his cheat abilities to help the bottom of the school rise to the top.

Considering that Seiichi was bullied in school during his time on Earth, how will this newly minted “teacher” deal with this challenge?

Shinka no Mi: Shiranai Uchi ni Kachigumi Jinsei Garand
Introducing Garand in such a tongue-in-cheek manner was a big surprise considering that he doesn’t show up in the manga until much later. Pic credit: Studio feel/Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment

Unfortunately, anime fans will have to wait until The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 release date to watch what happens next.

Why The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made Season 2 release date is in January 2023

As of the last update on Thanksgiving 2022, Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment, Studio feel, or any company related to the production of the anime has officially confirmed exact The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 release date. The production of The Fruit of Evolution sequel was announced on April 1, 2022. The time frame of Winter 2023 was announced on August 6, 2022.

The Fruit of Evolution Episode 12
The finale episode certainly tweaked everyone’s noses by showing characters from the next story arc with actual voiced lines. Pic credit: Studio feel/Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment

The final Seichii’s status post-credits scene had Saria teasing everyone by saying, “You’ll just have to look forward to more next time!” But why would there actually be a next time?

If you go by The Fruit of Evolution reviews, the professional critics pretty much want to hand the anime a Darwin Award and quietly drag it behind the shed to put it out of its misery.

Some claim The Fruit of Evolution anime is literally Seiichi just being the worst main character over and over again. Harem isekai often has trashy protagonists, but to these critics, this isn’t KonoSuba funny, this is cringe.

Even those who watched the entire first season say you need to switch off your brain and just try to enjoy the absurdist comedy that subverts isekai tropes for the sake of humor. If you like trash then you might as well revel in the trash and do a backstroke through the muck.

But the haters definitely seem to outnumber those who enjoy the isekai comedy. If Arifureta was the ugly stepchild of the isekai anime genre, then The Fruit of Evolution is the spider that needs to be killed with fire.

I digress… The main issue is that the low reviews haven’t necessarily translated into lower streaming revenue. The anime was regularly featured in the Top 5 of Crunchyroll’s popular anime section right next to Demon Slayer: Kimetsuo no Yaiba, The World’s Finest Assassin, and Takt op. Destiny.

And just because professional critics lampoon a TV show doesn’t kill its chances of being renewed. The Arifureta Season 2 release date was also in 2022, by the way, and Arifureta Season 3 is coming up next. Besides The Fruit of Evolution Season 2, many other 2021 isekai anime were renewed for a second season, including Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy Season 2 and Spirit Chronicles Season 2.

On the other hand, the level of isekai humor is remarkably similar to the Combatants Will Be Dispatched! anime, which is based on the KonoSuba creator’s new book series. Unfortunately, Combatants Will Be Dispatched! Season 2 hasn’t been announced.

Even though The Fruit of Evolution 2 is greenlit for production, the secondary issue is that anime studios are typically scheduled out years in advance since the industry is operating at peak capacity and all the studios are booked up. Apparently, that problem was resolved by switching to Studio HOTLINE.

Thus, that’s why The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 release date is on January 13, 2023.

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 English dub release date

The first season of the anime TV series was initially streaming with only English subtitles on Crunchyroll and VRV (not Netflix, Hulu, FUNimation, or Amazon Prime Video). Crunchyroll’s The Fruit of Evolution English dub release date was at 6:30 PM EST on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

Here is The Fruit of Evolution dub cast:

  • Mark Allen Jr. (Nazumi in SSSS.DYNAZENON) as Seiichi
  • Jalitza Delgado (Raido’s Little Sister in Aharen-san wa Hakarenai) as Saria
  • Comona Lewin (Climb in Overlord) as Saria (Kaiser Kong)
  • Corey Pettit (Sawa Sugimoto in Kageki Shoujo!!) as Artoria
  • Erica Muse (Diva in She Professed Herself the Pupil of the Wise Man) as Kannazuki

Presumably, Crunchyroll’s The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 English dub release date will be announced in the time frame of the second season’s premiere.

The Fruit of Evolution manga/light novel series compared to the anime

The story for the anime is based on The Fruit of Evolution light novel series by author Miku and illustrator U35. Like many harem isekai stories, the writer first began self-publishing the story in January 2014 as a web novel on the “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” (Let’s Become Novelists) website.

The book series was later acquired by Japanese publisher Futabasha’s Monster Bunko imprint, which began publishing light novel volumes on September 30, 2014. The light novel series was up to Volume 14 as of March 30, 2022.

Starting in September 2017, the original creator teamed up with artist Sorano to serialize The Fruit of Evolution manga in Futabasha’s Web Comic Action magazine. As of September 30, 2021, the manga series was up to Volume 7.

No North American publisher has announced an official English translation of either the light novel series or the manga. However, there are fan translation projects that are up to Volume 4 as of December 2021. There’s also an English web novel translation project that’s up to Chapter 213 as of November 2021.

Shinka no Mi Manga Volume 6
The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 anime will pick up the story again in manga Volume 6. Pic credit: Sorano

The Faraway Paladin anime proved that Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment can do an isekai anime adaptation correctly. But there’s only so much you can do with this source material since it’s all about speedrunning the harem route.

It should not be surprising that The Fruit of Evolution manga adaptation skims over the exposition provided by the light novels. Typically, an anime will condense the story content, even more, to fit into the time constraints of the TV episodic format, but in this case, the anime adapted a lot more content than the manga.

For example, in the big battle in The Fruit of Evolution Episode 11 the anime featured even more crazy antics by the guild members. Manga Chapter 24 mostly focused on Aqua Louise’s sword attack and the muscle-headed Adventurer’s Guild master Gatthur Krut, while di** beam guy Slan “Bare It All” Algard got no exposure (pun intended), never mind baby guy Walter “Protector of Little Girls” Beratt and his “milk play”. Those guys were given some love in manga Chapter 25, but at least manga readers weren’t subjected to the rose fisting of the cyclops.

To pull that off, the anime skimmed over details related to Seiichi’s RPG-style stats and his cheat gear. But it also emphasized the harem comedy, thus reducing any drama and action combat to secondary importance.

But not knowing the RPG stats isn’t that big of a deal since the concept of levels is only used as a joke. Later on in the light novel series, Seiichi’s status window can’t fathom his power so it abandons him to go on a trip to increase its power so it can accurately display Seiichi’s OP status. Seiichi literally becomes a walking isekai Chuck Norris joke.

As for the adaptation pacing, the anime averaged around two manga chapters per episode. The first six episodes adapted 13 manga chapters.

Episode 7 introduced the former donkey girl Lulune. To put the pacing in perspective, Lululune first debuted in the light novel series in Volume 3 (and manga Chapter 15).

Assassin cat girl Origa Carmelia, Valkyrie (Aqua lookalike) Louise, and Demon King’s daughter Lutia were all introduced by Episode 8. Origa first debuted in light novel Volume 4 and manga Chapter 18, whereas Louise debuted in manga Chapter 17 and Lutia in manga Chapter 20.

Shinka no Mi Volume 5 Light Novel
The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 anime will pick up the story again in the light novel Volume 5. Pic credit: U35

All in all, it’s predicted that the first season’s finale, Shinka no Mi Episode 12, will correspond to the ending of the light novel Volume 4 (or manga Volume 5).

It’s the best stopping point since there’s a big battle where Seiichi shows off his god-like Judgement magic. The truth about the Kaiser Empire has been revealed. More importantly, almost all of the harem members have been gathered.

What was surprising is the finale episode even had cameo appearances for the Demon Lord, Gargand, and classmate Seto Airi aka Airin. They were even voiced by Japanese voice actors rather than simply being shown as a teaser. Perhaps that can be interpreted as a good sign for a second season?

As previously mentioned, the anime actually adapts more light novel content than the manga. So, the finale of the first season spent most of the episode’s runtime showing what happened after the big battle whereas the manga took a hard turn straight toward the Barbador Magic Academy story arc. The manga didn’t even show the perspective of the Demon Lord’s followers.

The good news is that there is plenty of source material available for making The Fruit of Evolution Season 2.

Light novel readers who wish to read ahead of the anime can jump to Volume 5. Manga readers can pick up the story in manga Chapter 26.

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 studio, staff, and music

The first season was made in a collaboration between Studio feel and Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment. Studio feel is best known for the Remake Our Life! anime, Dagashi Kashi Season 1, and Oregairu 3: My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax!

Studio Children’s Playground Entertainment is a relatively new company that worked as a sub-contractor on other studios’ projects for their first several years. Their first two projects, Hatena Illusion and Tsukiuta Season 2, released in 2020. So far, their most popular anime has been 2021 The Faraway Paladin anime.

The Fruit of Evolution 2
This key visual for The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 was released on September 24, 2022. Pic credit: Studio HOTLINE

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 will have a studio change. Studio HOTLINE is taking sole animation production credits.

For the first season, The Fruit of Evolution anime project was helmed by director Yoshiaki Okumura (episode director on Eyeshield 21, Lupin the Third). He will now be the Chief Director while Fukase Shigeru will be act as the main director.

Writer Gigaemon Ichikawa (GeGeGe no Kitaro) is returning to handle the script and series composition.

First-time anime artist Minami Eda was the character designer for the first season. He’s being replaced by Mitsuki Iroha and Hayashi Nobuhide. Hifumi, Inc. created the music for the first season.

The Fruit of Evolution Season 2 OP (opening) theme song music “Evolution” was performed by nano, while the ED (ending) “theme song music hasn’t been announced yet “Adore me” was performed by Erii Yamazaki.

For the first season, the Fruit of Evolution OP “Evolution” was performed by Yoshino Nanjou, the Japanese voice actress who played Karen Kannazuki. The ED “Moonlight Walk” was performed by Poppin’ Party.

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