The God of Highschool manga ending after hiatus: The God of High School 526 announces final battle story arc

The God of High School manhwa
The final battle is coming in The God of High School comic series. Pic credit: NGELGAMES

The God of High School manga’s ending is on the horizon. The Korean comic, or manhwa, has officially been confirmed to be nearing the final battle of its final story arc.

What’s a manhwa, you might ask? Similar to how manga is the name for Japanese comics, manhwa is the South Korean word for comic books.

At 28 years old, creator Park debuted the GOHS Webtoon in Naver Webtoon in April 2011. New chapters (which are called “episodes”) are released online weekly on the Naver Webtoon platform.

The official English translation is released Thursdays on Line Webtoons. The English The God of High School Webtoon is essentially free since no subscription service is required to read it.

Series creator YongJe Park made the announcement at the end of The God of Highschool Chapter 526. The comic is divided up into six major story arcs and the final arc, A Battle With The Gods, starting with Chapter 308.

The first two story arcs were adapted into an anime by animation Studio MAPPA. Anime fans are eagerly awaiting any news of The God of High School Season 2 anime TV series.

It’s currently unknown what will be the final chapter of the manhwa series. But the creator says that he needs to take a break before the end.

The God of High School hiatus begins

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Webtoon since the author briefly describes the final battle.

YongJe Park explained that as he turned to drawing the final battle between Mori Jin and Tathagata he felt that he needed to prepare himself, as well. Like many comic creators, his health has suffered from the demanding schedule.

As such, Park announced a brief The God of Highschool hiatus so he could get ready for creating the ending.

“I’m sorry to my readers for the uneven episode [chapter] lengths and delayed uploads. I’ve been physically and mentally exhausted lately,” Park explained. “I didn’t think it would be right for Mori Jin, Mubong Park, and all you readers to draw the final fight of The God of High School in this state. I’m afraid that forcing myself to continue the series right now might ruin the ending. I need to take some time to prepare myself physically and mentally to complete The God of High School. I ask for your patience and understanding until then.”

GOHS Monkey King
The revelation that Jin Mori is the Monkey King of lore was one of the highlights of the entire Webtoon. Pic credit: YongJe Park

The God of High School Chapter 527 release date

Unfortunately, creator Park did not give us a hint about the length of the hiatus. Since he’s dealing with a health problem it could be several weeks or it could be months.

For example, the Tower of God hiatus was originally supposed to be short but then the creator realized his health problems were worse than he thought so the manhwa was on break for almost a year.

We’ll update this story when The God of High School Chapter 527 release date is announced. Stay tuned!

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