The Prince Of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup release date in Summer 2022 [Trailer]

Ryoma pulls his hat down in a preview teaser.
Ryoma pulls his hat down in a preview teaser. Pic credit: Prince of Tennis II Project

At AnimeJapan 2022, a new trailer for Prince of Tennis II: World Cup was revealed, showcasing the premise of the series and the events to be covered in it.

The Prince of Tennis II: World Cup release date is set for July 2022 as part of the Prince of Tennis 20th anniversary project. It serves as a long-awaited second season to the series, with the first season of the Prince of Tennis II airing all the way back in 2012.

The trailer shows off Ryoma and the rivals that he’ll assumedly be facing at some point in the season, as well as a preview of the courts and environments used during the tournament.

You can see the newly-released trailer at the link below:

What is the Prince of Tennis II about?

The series is a sequel to the original Prince of Tennis series, taking place almost immediately after the original manga lets out. As Ryoma returns to Japan, he takes with him the experiences he gained at the U-17 training camp and reinforces his determination to beat his rivals and be the best there is.

The U-17 World Cup arc is something of a legendary arc within the series, with Ryoma representing Team USA and taking on the best of the best from around the world throughout the arc. From the trailer, it seems to be a 1 to 1 faithful recreation of the arc, but the arc is bone-crushingly long. It’s entirely possible that they’ll cut some of it out or only cover the highlights in this upcoming anime.

How much of the manga will the new anime cover?

Well, considering how long the original run of the manga is, probably not all of it. At the very least, it will probably cover part of the U-17 world championship arc of the manga as Ryoma faces off against 50 of his fellow top tennis players, with a special emphasis on past and future rivals making their appearance at the event.

As the cast from the 2012 anime adaptation as well as the OVAs has been confirmed to return to reprise their rules in this upcoming adaptation, the sky’s the limit on who could make an appearance in this upcoming adaptation.

If the anime does well, it could potentially spark further adaptations of Prince of Tennis II — only time will tell, though!

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