The Vermeil in Gold anime is here and is already entering a collab!

Vermeil in Gold
What’s wrong with a woman who knows she’s a queen and isn’t afraid to enjoy her sexuality? Nothing! Pic credit: Staple Entertainment

Vermeil in Gold Episode 2 will air on July 12, 2022, and the series has already announced two projects on its official site. A special WEB program by ABEMA and a collab event with Ichijo Sen Extra Burst Game!

The manga is at six volumes in Japan, and its over-the-top adult humor is the best I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t care that Vermeil is a Devil; she owns every scene she’s in, and not just with her body.

Vermeil in Gold
Vermeil is more than a pretty face. She can take down dinosaurs and Cerberus! Pic credit: Staple Entertainment

What is Vermeil in Gold?

Vermeil in Gold is set in a world with magic, and Alto Goldfield is in danger of repeating a year because he can’t summon a familiar. But it isn’t because he’s lazy, stupid, or lacks talent.

It’s because his mana is extremely dense and is poisonous for most familiars. But it’s perfect for our main girl Vermeil!

The humor is good, and it’s refreshing to see a strong female lead in command of her sexuality. But it doesn’t break the formula in most fantasy, romantic comedy series.

Alto goes to the library, and an old book falls and hits him in the head; he can’t read the text but decides to attempt the summoning ritual anyway. The anime shows Vermeil naked immediately and she tries to seduce Alto, and he asks her to be his familiar.

Luckily for Alto, Vermeil doesn’t mind being his familiar, and some more tropes are thrown in. For example, Lilia, Alto’s childhood friend, is in love with him, but he doesn’t realize it.

Panty-shots, Alto’s face/head is squished under/between Vermeil’s boobs, and the student council has more power than the teachers. Even the familiars are a nod to other series!

What are the events?

On July 26, 2022, the ABEMA Anime channel proudly presents Ortigia Academy of Magic Secret After School Study Session ~Buiness Trip Version~. The channel performers are Hiroya Hirose, Marei Uchida, and Wakana Kuramochi.

The program will focus on famous scenes from episodes 1-3 and discuss the highlights of the 4th episode. In addition, special projects and the latest information will also be discussed.

Most details about the Vermeil in Gold x Ichijo Sen Extra Burst game collab are still unknown, but we know that Vermeil and Lilia will be playable characters. In addition, limited scenarios and Alto will appear, so fans won’t want to miss out.

Interesting collaboration drawings, exhibition schedules, and details will be released later. So please check out Vermeil in Gold’s official website or Anime Geek for more updates!

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