The Witch and the Beast anime production confirmed by Majo to Yajuu manga magazine

The Witch and the Beast
The Witch and the Beast will please any action fan! Pic credit: Kousuke Satake

On the cover of Monthly Young Magazine issue #9/2022 is an announcement that The Witch and the Beast anime adaptation is being produced. Many anime news leakers like Sugoi LITE (OECUF) on Twitter have posted this announcement, and a Reddit group has formed.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any new information to go on besides the Majo to Yajuu anime announcement. But, The Witch and the Beast deserves an anime, and here’s why!

The Witch and the Beast
There are three ways to break a Witch’s curse. Pic credit: Kousuke Satake

What is The Witch and the Beast manga?

The Witch and the Beast is a manga by Kousuke Satake, and Japan will enjoy the 10th volume on August 19, 2022. English readers will get volume 9 on August 23, 2022.

Ashaf and Guideau are mysterious and fun to watch as they travel around on their hunt for Witches. Witches are the pinnacle of magic and are capable of taking on armies by themselves.

The central plot points are declared quickly, and the plot almost reminds me of Hellsing Ultimate. Guideau has been cursed by an unknown Witch and has no problem going through other Witches to find her.

Unfortunately, she has a habit of saying and doing what she wants without thinking. But that works with Ashaf’s style as he tries to keep her under control.

The manga trusts the reader to understand its point without info dumping, and the pace always feels fresh. It’s even aware that its title will be compared to fairy tales and gives a nod to it.

There are three ways to break a Witch’s curse. Receive a kiss from a prince on a white horse/true love, hope the Witch has a change of heart/beat the Witch, press your lips to the Witches.

For some reason, only the first two are common knowledge, but our heroes make it work. And other magical crimes need to be solved.

What’s with the coffin?

The Beast is misleading in the right ways! Usually, when you see a coffin in these kinds of anime, you assume a vampire will be involved.

And vampires might show up later, but that’s not why Ashaf is carrying a coffin on his back. Guideau isn’t a werewolf, either.

What she is hasn’t been fully explained in the chapters I’ve read, but I can’t wait to learn more about her!

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