Tista manga’s English release by Viz is an early work by Spy x Family creator Tatsuya Endo

Tista is one of Tatsuya Endo’s earlier works, but the art style is clearly his. Pic credit: Tatsuya Endo

Tatsuya Endo is known for creating Spy x Family, but he’s done other projects in the past, and Tista is one of them! Viz will release the English Tista manga in Spring 2023.

Having more content from your favorite creator is always a good thing, and Endo has four serials and seven one-shots!

Ashe Talton
In order to create SPY x FAMILY, Edo essentially combined elements of his previous work, including Rengoku no Ashe (which had a very Anya-like character named Ashe Talton), ISpy (which had a very Loid-like character), and Ishi ni Usubeni, Tetsu ni Hoshi. Pic credit: Tatsuya Endo

What’s the Tista story about?

Tista is about a young girl who’s a student by day and an assassin for a religious organization. She meets a man, Arty, and begins questioning her loyalty to her organization and attempts to leave.

One of the drawbacks is that Tista only has two volumes with nine chapters total. It’s unknown if Viz plans to release them separately or as an omnibus.

In some ways, Tista is an edgier, shorty prelude to Spy x Family. The setting takes place in New York, and the organization will do anything to fulfill its goals.

But sadly, there are a few plot points left in the air at the end of the second volume.

What else has Endo worked on?

Besides Spy x Family, Endo created Seibu Yuugi and Gekka Bijin in 2000, WITCH CRAZE in 2001, and PMG-0 in 2004. Tista from 2007-to 2008, Shihou Yuugi is his second serial and was completed in 2008, and a serialized version of Gekka Bijin ran from 2010-to 2012.

Rengoku no Ashe came out in 2014, Ishi ni Usubeni, Testu ni Hoshi in 2017, and ISpy in 2018. Endo has also done the art for three projects.

Rooftop Detective-Octane with Tomohito Ohsaki in 2006, Yamato-kun’s Distress with Hinako Suzumeno in 2011, and Kuroniko the Exile with Takahiro Kanno in 2013. Spy x Family is Endo’s most light-hearted work, but certain themes carry on.

Endo’s love for spies and assassins is everywhere. Endo was also an assistant for Blue Exorcist and Fire Punch.

He’s also mentored, Yasuhiro Kano and Yoshiyuki Nishi. According to his editor, Endo likes to think through the whole plot.

This way, whenever someone proposes an idea, he’ll be able to point out any contradictions in it.

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