Tokyo Ghoul: re’s ending in chapter 179 has manga artist Sui Ishida talking about his plans – Will Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 3 end the anime adaptation?

Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul: re
The ending of the Tokyo Ghoul: re manga provides a sense of finality for Ken Kaneki

The Tokyo Ghoul: re ending has manga fans holding out hope that manga artist will continue the story with a “Tokyo Ghoul Part 3” that provides a definitive sequel. After all, the Tokyo Ghoul manga series was among the top 10 best-selling media franchises in Japan so publishers would likely want to see a sequel. But what does manga artist Sui Ishida say about the matter?

The story ended in 2018 with Tokyo Ghoul: re Chapter 179, which included an author’s note from Ishida.

“Thank you very much for your continued reading and encouragement over the past 7 years! The last volume, volume 16, will be sold starting on July 19,” Ishida wrote in Weekly Young Jump magazine.

Ishida also wrote a long afterword where he discussed the making of Tokyo Ghoul: re and how that process effected him personally. He also spoke about his childhood and how he came to be a mangaka almost by necessity. But he also ended this long afterword on a happier note.

“I’m truly happy that I was able to finish Tokyo Ghoul,” he wrote. “Once it was set free, I was able to think a lot about myself that I had done by drawing this work. About myself, creativity, drawing, the creative industry. I was also able to meet lots of great people.”

Fans have translated the Japanese afterword into English here.

Fans are hoping that the Tokyo Ghoul: re sequel could still be announced in the final volume of the manga. After all, Tokyo Ghoul: re was announced through the epilogue of the last volume of the first manga series. But so far that hope seems pretty unlikely.

In early July 2018, Ishida left a series of tweets where he thanked everyone involved in the manga for their efforts.

“The last chapter has been published on Young Jump which is now for sale. I would like to thank the readers, Young Jump’s editorial department, people from the printing offices, people who were involved in this work, and all the staff from the bottom of my heart. Including the preparatory period, I have been drawing from June 2011 up to June 2018, for 7 years, with barely any breaks. Despite it being such a crude work made by an unskilled hand, I’m quite proud of myself for being able to draw until the very end.”

Ishida says that he had been “mentally preparing myself that it was going to end.”

Once the new year hit, he suddenly felt like he was going to collapse from exhaustion and so he “placed such a huge burden on the editorial department.”

Ishida gave special thanks to his editor, who acted like a cushion between himself and the outside world.

The Tokyo Ghoul: re manga author also gave a shout out to the other staff, the creator of the Kingdom manga, and his readers.

“I’m also grateful to the staff who worked along with my crazy schedule as well as hung out with me during fun times. Everyone’s so nice so I want all of you to live a long life. It also makes me glad to hear thoughts from the readers. I’ve happily read all the letters I’ve received. Characters’ birthdays… even on days where nothing’s happening, a mountain of gifts was received which made it fun all-year round. It’s highly appreciated — even you who just stood and read [at bookstores without buying]. To me, it counts as support. I’m very, very thankful.”

The manga author asked aloud, “How do mangakas spend their time after their work ends?”

He answered his own question by stating that he’s going to “spend time relaxing by drawing.” One day he grew bored and filled 31 pages with sketches.

Not once did Ishida provide a single hint that he intended on creating a Tokyo Ghoul Part 3. If anything, he’s talked about his work ending and Tokyo Ghoul: re Chapter 179 was pretty definitive.

Warning: The following contains major spoilers concerning the Tokyo Ghoul: re ending.

In short, the Tokyo Ghoul: re ending managed to wrap up all the major plot points concerning the secret organization V, the Dragon Rize, and the ghoul virus all within several chapters. The finale ended with a time skip that showed what happened in the aftermath of the final confrontation with the organization V in the Dragon story arc.

Tokyo is recovering and medication has been created that allows ghouls to live without consuming human flesh. The CCG has been replaced by the TSC (Tokyo Security Committee).

Instead of explicitly being an anti-ghoul organization, the TSC is a peacekeeping force that is intended to help ghouls and humans coexist in peace. The Peacekeepers worked with a ghoul organization called the United Front to handle the ongoing threat from any remaining Dragon Orphans.

Ken Kaneki and his wife Touka are allowed to have a happy ending this time around instead of Tokyo Ghoul: re ending in tragedy. They even have a child together and some of Kaneki’s friends survived the final encounter.

Unfortunately, such a complete ending does not leave many openings for a Tokyo Ghoul: re sequel. It’s possible Ishida may come up with something new in the future, but for now, it seems like he’s going on a well-deserved vacation.

Tokyo Ghoul re Manga Volume Covers
With Tokyo Ghoul re ending, how will the anime adaptation be handled by Studio Pierrot?

Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 3 To Be The Anime’s Ending?

The only thing left to wrap up is the anime adaptation. Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 (or Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 2) is coming out in October of 2018. However, it’s unknown if this season will be two cours or finish with only 12 episodes.

If the latter scenario happens, then Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 3 (or Tokyo Ghoul Season 5) will be absolutely necessary. Based on the pacing of the last season, the next 12 episodes will probably find an ending somewhere between chapters 116 and 125.

That would leave around 54 to 63 chapters for Studio Pierrot to reach the manga’s ending, which is perfect since the first Tokyo Ghoul: re anime season adapted about 58 chapters.

Whatever the case may be, the release date for Tokyo Ghoul Season 5/Tokyo Ghoul: re Season 3 will most likely be in 2019. It should provide a final ending unless Studio Pierrot pulls a Root A again and surprises everyone with an original ending that leaves an opening for the anime’s story to continue. Fans will just have to wait and watch what happens. Stay tuned!

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