Tokyo Mew Mew New Ichigo figure is available for pre-order!

Tokyo Mew Mew New
Ichigo is ready to save the Earth! Pic credit: FuRyu

FuRyu didn’t waste time or details when they created this Ichigo 1/7 figure for the Tokyo Mew Mew New anime. Everything from the movement in her hair and the details on the ribbon looks like Ichigo has stepped out of the anime!

Even if you haven’t seen the original Tokyo Mew Mew anime in its entirety in Japanese with 56 episodes or the English dub with 26, as long as you love magical girls, then this figure is perfect for you. Just make sure you hide her from Quiche!

Tokyo Mew Mew New
You can feel the love FuRyu put into this figure. Look at her ears! Pic credit: FuRyu

When can I buy this figure?

You can purchase this Ichigo on,, and more. The pre-order ends on August 31, 2022, and will ship in January 2023.

The average price is around $200.00, and according to, FuRyu only makes as many units as the pre-orders. Making this Ichigo a limited edition, with no guarantee that FuRyu will make more.

People are offering this Ichigo figure on eBay, and there’s a chance someone will part with one after January. So, thankfully, you have a little over a month to do your research and decide if you want to bring Ichigo home.

In her battle costume, Ichigo stands at 10.24 inches and stands on a pink cat paw base. She’s made of PVC and ABS.

What’s the best way to experience Tokyo Mew Mew?

When 4Kids Entertainment began producing the anime for North America, they decided to rename the show, characters, and altered scenes and the story to hide its Japanese origins. So when the dub came out, it was called Mew Mew Power, and only 26 episodes were produced.

And North America never got a dub’s home video or DVD release. Hopefully, Tokyo Mew Mew New will show fans what they missed out on when the dub ended.

You can watch the dub and sub on YouTube or check out Tokyo Mew Mew New on HIDIVE. With three episodes out, fans old and new are cheering for Ichigo and the Mew Mew’s return!

Have you watched or read any of the Tokyo Mew Mew series? Leave a comment and tell us what you think about them.

If Tokyo Mew Mew New does well, hopefully, we’ll see Tokyo Mew Mew Ole animated! This spin-off manga started in 2019, but the stage is set for magical cat boys!

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