Tokyo Mew Mew New season 2 release date in Spring 2023 confirmed by new trailer

Tokyo Mew Mew New
With a second season coming and an awesome tribute to the original anime in episode 12, Tokyo Mew Mew New is fun for old and new fans! Pic credit: Graphinica and Yumeta Company

Tokyo Mew Mew New fans received a much-needed message that Tokyo Mew Mew New is getting a second season!

The Tokyo Mew Mew Mew Season 2 release date is scheduled for April 5, 2023, the Spring 2023 anime season. The 2nd season will be released as 12 episodes on three Blu-Ray/DVD volumes

The Tokyo Mew Mew New Season 2 OP video trailer.
The ED trailer.

And even though Tokyo Mew Mew New is mixing things up from the original anime, it didn’t forget where it came from. Episode 12’s ending song is Yuki Tenma, the Japanese voice actress for Ichigo Momomiya, singing My Sweet Heart, the opening song from Tokyo Mew Mew!

Tokyo Mew Mew New poster visual
Poster visual for the upcoming reboot Tokyo Mew Mew New. Pic credit: @SentaiFilmworks/Twitter

What does Tokyo Mew Mew New have in store for us?

For those who like to collect Japan-exclusive goods, the Kishaniki Blu-ray limited edition set is on sale on October 19, 2022. It comes with an acrylic charm set of battle costumes, a limited-edition case with an illustration of Lettuce and Miu Pudding, and a special priority event sale application ticket for the evening of the February 26, 2023, event.

The event will have all of the leading voice actors, and it’s called Tokyo Miu Miu Ni Special Event Cat! Smewthie, the idol group comprised of the voice actors for the Mew Mew girls, will be doing live events on November 22, December 22, and March 2023.

The event in November will be a live-reading drama. December is a Christmas event, and March is a live performance.

But January may be the biggest month for them as there’ll be a live-reading of a new script on January 7-8, and Smewthie’s new CD comes out on January 18, 2023!

Is Tokyo Mew Mew Mew 2 worth the wait?

Sometimes, it feels like the powers that be are running out of ideas. For every great anime, we get 10 or more average clones.

That’s not to say they’re not worth watching. On the contrary, Tokyo Mew Mew New is trying to stand independently. The changes between Tokyo Mew Mew New and Tokyo Mew Mew are apparent from the start.

Character designs, personalities, pacing, and emotional impact have been affected differently. But the original had 52 episodes, most of which can count as filler.

Tokyo Mew Mew New is at 12 and will hopefully be 12-13 in season 2. So giving us almost half of the original, but this isn’t bad.

Fans have been on both sides of the fence regarding Tokyo Mew Mew New. Some have valid concerns.

Such as why a group of young girls is injected with animal DNA. Without their consent or knowledge in most cases.

Or how all three “love interests” for Ichigo have done and said questionable things to her. Aoyama puts a cat collar on Ichigo’s neck and calls her his kitty.

Shirogane is usually about with all the girls. He doesn’t seem to mind tricking or guilt-tripping Ichigo to get her to fight.

And then there’s Kisshu, also called Quiche, and Dren depending on which version you’re watching. Kisshu’s entrance in both of the animes is fantastic.

He pops out of nowhere and steals Ichigo’s first kiss! But, to her credit, Ichigo clarifies that she’s not interested in him.

That doesn’t stop him from calling her his Toy, Honey, and Sweetie. I hope Tokyo Mew Mew New keeps him around because Kisshu is very entertaining to watch.

But all three of them help Ichigo in their way. But only one of them will have Ichigo’s heart.

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