Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart is an interesting tale [Review]

Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart
What would you do if the person you loved killed you? Pic credit: Syundei

When we hear reincarnation, love, and murder, we typically imagine a romantic story with dark elements. But Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart is one manga that will confuse and entrap you.

Especially once you’ve finished reading and looked at the cover again, who is the true villain of this story? And how does one define “eternal love?”

Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart
The expression, “like a moth to the flame,” has never been more appropriate. But who’s the moth? Pic credit: Syundei

What is Total Eclipse of the Eternal Mind?

Before I go over the plot, this manga is rated mature and comes bound in plastic in stores. Do not continue reading if you’re easily offended.

There are several scenes of murder and sexual acts, but most of it is heavily implied. As for the plot itself, Hoshino Terumichi suffers from a recurring nightmare.

He dreams he’s a boy living a century ago and is killed by the man he loves. A man referred to as Sensei.

Who bears a strong resemblance to one of his classmates, Yamada Omihiko. But just as Hoshino reveals his feelings for Yamada, an unknown teenager kills Yamada in front of Hoshino!

Or at least, that’s what Hoshino thinks until he sees Yamada stand up and walk away. Hoshino is confused, but when an opportunity to visit Yamada’s house comes up, he goes with his classmate, Tani, to give Yamada his homework.

But Tani begins acting strange, and it isn’t long before he kills Yamada. Hoshino is terrified by the change in his friend but even more so at the changes in himself.

Because Yamada is alive again, Hoshino realizes why he’s been having these dreams. But can he overcome them, and what about his love for Yamada?

You always hurt the ones you love

Although eternal love appears to be one of the themes, it takes on a jagged edge with Sensei. In life, he was Onitaji Kuroiwa, and he was an author.

He wrote many books based on the boys he loved and killed when they said they loved him—the excuse he gave to Hoshino’s past life, Shou Tsukimura. Was that he could make their love for him eternal upon their deaths.

And sadly, Yamada appears to have similar tendencies, despite dying twice in the book. But Hoshino is the last reincarnated victim.

Does he have the power to end the cycle, or will he be reincarnated with Yamada and the other boys? The pacing sometimes feels rushed, and it would benefit from a sequel or spinoff.

But if you like your boy’s love to be a bit darker without crossing into explicit, Total Eclipse of the Eternal Heart won’t disappoint you.

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