Ultraman Final release date on Netflix confirmed for Spring 2023

Ultraman Final Season
Will Ultraman Final Season 3 have an anime original ending that’s different from the manga series? Pic credit: Production I.G. / Sola Digital Arts

On October 6, 2022, Netflix Anime on Twitter proudly announced that Ultraman Season 3, or Ultraman Final, is coming out in Spring 2023.

This information was confirmed by the Japanese language version of a new key visual. The exact premiere date has yet to be announced, although a Spring release typically indicates a time frame in April 2023. This is also backed up by how Ultraman Season 1 and Ultraman Season 2 both aired in April.

The second season was only 6 episodes. Ultraman Season 3 will be longer than season 2 in order to give the series a good send-off.

Ultraman Final Season
This Ultraman Final poster was released on October 6, 2022. The English poster only says “Coming 2023” whereas the Japanese version says Spring 2023. Pic credit: Netflix

What can we expect from the Ultraman Final ending?

Given that both seasons introduced new Ultramen, it’d be surprising if we didn’t get at least one new Ultraman, perhaps even Ultraman Marie. However, we still need to save the kidnapped people and somehow avoid surrendering half of the human population.

And then there’s the throwback to the original Ultraman series in the special announcement trailer. Will Shinjiro die or lose his Ultraman Factor?

Is the original Ultraman, which fused with Shin, going to make an appearance? If so, will he merge with Shin or someone else?

There are so many ways this anime could end, but with the manga under the same name still going strong, will this be an anime-only ending, or will we see it in the manga? Although we don’t have these answers, we know that an Ultraman crossover will happen with The Marvel Universe in 2023.

This will be the fourth time Ultraman has been in Marvel comics, and Matt Groom has helped write all of them.

The ultimate icon!

It’s almost a disservice to refer to Ultraman as an icon. There are many movies, tv shows, video games, comics, novels, manga, and anime based on Ultraman.

But there are hundreds more inspired by Ultraman! It doesn’t matter where you’re from, or how much anime you watch.

You’ve seen something that exists because of Ultraman. Most of us only have a basic understanding of the character/s, and that’s fine.

Ultraman is the perfect way to experience a classic, and Netflix will hopefully do the ending justice. However, even if a movie or a sequel anime comes out, we still need season 3 to wrap up the story and answer most of the questions.

And considering the team they have working on Ultraman, there’s no excuse why this can’t be done.

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