Ultramarine Magmell on Netflix: Check out the new anime series

Check out the new anime Ultramarine Magmell
Discover adventure in the new anime Ultramarine Magmell on Netflix. Pic credit: Studio Pierrot+

Looking for an anime to watch on Netflix? Might we suggest the new series Ultramarine Magmell (Magmell of the Sea Blue), which is now available on the streaming service?

Inyo and Zero are here to provide relief. Pic credit: Netflix

The fantasy series first premiered in Japan on April 7 and looked to be quite promising. Taking place on a newly discovered continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean called Magmell, it’s has become the new dawn of exploration.

Promises of fame and riches tempt many explorers, but this new dangerous land won’t give up its secrets quite so easy. For those who experience the pain of failure and hardship, there are the mysterious relief workers who provide aid to those who need it.


What is our take on this series? As we said before, it’s quite promising. While it doesn’t stand out from the pack at the moment, it is worth watching.

Visually it looks good, which isn’t surprising as it’s animated by the same studio that did such popular anime series such as Bleach and Tokyo Ghoul. While it’s not for everyone, some folks will end up falling for it.

There are 13 episodes in this first season, and if a second season gets the green light, we can see it becoming quite the fan-favorite.

The anime is directed by Hayato Date over at studio Pierrot+ along with Chūji Mikasano on scenario organization, and Yasuharu Takanashi composed the music.

The opening theme song Dash&Daaash!! is performed by the idol group Fudanjuku. The end theme is by a flood of circle that’s titled The Key.

The manga itself was written and illustrated by Chinese creator Dainenbyō who launched it on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ app in 2015. Eight volumes have been released, which includes over  90 chapters.

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