Uma Musume x FamilyMart collab announced as part of anniversary campaign

Six horse girls from Uma Musume chomping down on various snacks in front of Family Mart
Six awesome members of the Uma Musume cast chomp down on snacks in front of FamilyMart Pic credit: FamilyMart

FamilyMart recently announced their collaboration event with Uma Musume as part of Uma Musume’s one-year anniversary event.

The event includes exclusive collaboration goods, a Twitter campaign, exclusive collaboration food items, and more!

Some of the featured items are character-inspired food items like Special Week’s Bakudan Musubi as well as Tamamo Cross’s Cheese Takoyaki, exclusive cafe au lait cups featuring five of the cast members and more, making this a collaboration you don’t want to miss!

What are the exclusive character collaboration items?

Nine of the Uma Musume cast members have character-inspired food items with the character’s secrets written on them:

  • Special Week: Bakudan Musubi, a salmon and seaweed musubi roll
  • Inari One: Chicken Vegetable Inari Sushi
  • Sakura Bakushin O: Ham, Egg, and Vegetable Mix Sandwich, a sandwich featuring ham, egg, bacon, and vegetables
  • Tamamo Cross: Cheese Takoyaki
  • Satono Diamond: Super Hot Fried Chicken
  • Gold Ship: Stir-fried Yakisoba in Sauce
  • Mejiro McQueen: Motivation Up Sweets, a pudding, whipped cream, and fruit parfait
  • Kitasan Black: Roll Cake
  • Silent Suzuka: Strawberry Daifuku

Also featured are the Manmaruyakis, circular sweet cakes with three different designs of the characters from Uma Musume on them. They also come with exclusive stickers of one of ten of the cast members, making them things to collect!

In addition to these character goods, there are special Toukai Teio-themed honey lemon drinks with cups in five varieties, featuring Toukai Teio with different members of the cast.

Along with a purchase of any three sweets, you’ll also receive a clear file while supplies last — a staple of Japanese collaboration merch!

There are also several items as prizes limited to the Twitter following campaigns and FamilyMart’s exclusive app, such as a big plushie of Special Week and an acrylic stand with more to come.

The collaboration goods are set to be available from February 14 through March 7, 2022, so be sure to keep your eyes out if you’re looking to grab any of this merch!

What is Uma Musume’s one-year anniversary event?

To celebrate Uma Musume’s one-year anniversary on the 24th of this year, they’ve partnered with several games and companies to raise awareness for the event with exclusive merchandise (in the case of FamilyMart), events (a Granblue collab), and in-game resource drops and free gacha rolls to thank players for all of their support thus far and encourage more people to join in on the Uma Musume experience. We’re excited to see what else they do next!

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