Uncovering the lore in the latest Housing Complex C anime trailer!

Housing Complex C screenshot
Screenshot from the Housing Complex C trailer featuring an Indian/Aztec princess whose companion is murdered in front of her. Pic credit: Akatsuki

On September 17, 2022, Adult Swim uploaded a new trailer for Housing Complex C! The anime is set to premiere on October 2, 2022, with four episodes.

But some of us in Anime Geek, myself included, aren’t content to wait for more information. Not when we have a couple of trailers/commercials and key visuals to dissect.

And certainly not when we have the power of google and YouTube to aid in research. Please keep in mind that this article is a theory.

But I have a lot of history that helps shed light on what we’ve been given. Although I only have theories on the fish monsters.

Housing Complex C screenshot
Screenshot from the Housing Complex C trailer featuring an Indian (or Aztec) princess whose companion is killed by samurai warriors (or Conquistadors). Pic credit: Akatsuki

Is this based in our world?

The images above are from the latest trailer, bringing up a few things. First, the girl’s clothes don’t look Japanese, while the soldier’s armor looks Chinese or Mongolian.

If you watch the trailer, the line where the narrator says, “until they arrived”. The “they” in question have a very similar skin tone to everyone else. The town’s name is Kurosaki, which means black in Japanese, and there’s a Tori or Shinto Gate within the first few seconds of the trailer.

Meaning the setting is in Japan or Asia. As for the identities of the girls in the images and their connections to our main characters, I’m betting it’s reincarnation, but what are our girls supposed to do if that’s the case? And what does any of this have to do with the ancient evil?

These creatures remind me of a horror novel I read a few years ago. The most common situations with ancient evil are either coming up to kill everyone or coming up to breed.

In such cases, the ancient evil will be killing most of the people or using their victims as breeding tools. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen these things in action; sadly, they’re not the only threat that must be dealt with.

A history lesson

Seeing so many armed soldiers cornering two young girls in a cave is scary but odd. Sure the one still standing has a lot of gold on her, but does this mean she’s crucial to her society?

One of our theories is that the girls are Aztecs or Mayans. That would explain the clothes, but neither had any contact with Japan.

The Mongols did, though, in 1274. So for over 200 years, Japan closed its borders and was not afraid to defend itself.

This practice was made official in the 1600s, but this policy would end up hurting them. However, if we assume the “they” are human, we have an excellent framework to guess the plot.

Especially in some of the creepier scenes, like the man staring at the girls through the cracked door or how a person is running away from the screen, we have the supernatural to worry about.

Some drawings hint at the evil, and a star-shaped design on a rock is visible for a second. Is Kurosaki being invaded so someone can summon these monsters?

Or are the monsters showing up due to something else? I hope this turns out to be helpful to you, and if you want to read more about Housing Complex C, click here!

And here!

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