Violet Evergarden movie release date set for September 2020: Volume 4 light novel leaves room for Violet Evergarden Season 2

Violet Evergarden movie poster
The Violet Evergarden movie will release internationally in the “same time period” as the Japanese release. Pic credit: Kyoto Animation

The Violet Evergarden movie release date has been officially confirmed to be coming up for Japan on September 18, 2020. It’s been a long time coming since the movie was postponed at one point due to the arson attack on Kyoto Animation, and then delayed a second time due to the 2020 SARS-COV-2 coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier in 2018, it was announced that a “new project” was starting production but the format was not specified. The official Violet Evergarden Twitter account has also said in the past that the story for “new Violet Evergarden anime will be completely new.” So, what does this mean for the chances of ever watching Violet Evergarden Season 2?

The Violet Evergarden movie will be loosely based on the 2014 novel by author Kana Akatsuki, who won the fifth Kyoto Animation Award. The main story was concluded with a 2016 sequel and in March 2018 a third book focused on side stories was released.

Violet Evergarden Volume 4, could serve as the basis for a Violet Evergarden Season 2 anime. Published on March 27, 2020, Violet Evergarden Ever After was a direct sequel to the main storyline. Based on the way the second book ended, this continuation of the main story was more of an after story since it shows what happens to the main characters even as the world is changing around them.

An official English translation of the Violet Evergarden novel series has not been released or even licensed yet, but there are finished fan translation projects for the first two books. An English translation of the Gaiden novel is a work in progress.

Violet Evergarden The Movie
A Violet Evergarden movie poster that was released in June 2020. Pic credit: Kyoto Animation

The one thing that stood out from the first season is that Kyoto Animation chose to not include a critical scene from the second book, which left a huge opening for creating an anime TV series sequel. Without getting into major spoilers, since the upcoming 2020 movie is going to feature an original story, it’s possible the central theme surrounding that critical scene will be reserved for Violet Evergarden Season 2.

Assuming that’s the case, the movie is most likely going focus on Violet’s origin story related to the Great War since there are many mysteries that the novels never answered. The video trailer is based on short clips from the first anime season, but it seems likely that the Violet Evergarden movie will invent a new letter that bridges the gap between the past and present.

All in all, it does seem like there is the opportunity to continue the story with a second season. After all, Kyoto Animation is well known for producing anime movies in combination with second and third seasons.

Let’s just hope the studio does not make anime fans wait too long before watching Violet Evergarden Season 2. Stay tuned!

  • Updated June 25, 2020: Added updated Violet Evergarden movie release date and Violet Evergarden Ever After novel details.
  • Updated March 19, 2020: Added exact Violet Evergarden movie release date and key visual.

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