Warlords of Sigrdrifa Season 2 release date: Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Season 2 predictions

Warlords of Sigrdrifa Claudia
Will Warlords of Sigrdrifa Episode 12 leave an opening for a sequel? Pic credit: Studio A-1 Pictures

The Warlords of Sigrdrifa Season 2 anime will be an original story loosely based on the Nordic myths. Never mind when will Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Season 2 come out; the real question is if there will be a Warlords of Sigrdrifa sequel.

The Sigururi anime is being produced by animation studio A-1 Pictures, best known for the Sword Art Online anime and The Seven Deadly Sins (which switched to Studio DEEN starting with Season 3).

For 2021, the studio is working on the Sword Art Online: Progressive movie: Aria of the Starless Night. In the future, they’ll release Kaguya-Sama: Love is War Season 3. In the distant future, A-1 Pictures will produce Sword Art Online Season 4: Unital Ring.

The CG animation was handled by Graphinica, which is best known for its 3D work on Hellsing Ultimate, the 2017 Juni Taisen: Zodiac War, and the 2019 Hello World movie.

The Warlords of Sigrdrifa anime project was helmed by director Hirotaka Tokuda (episode director for Sword Art Online: Alicization). Character designer Takumi Yokota (Wave) adapted Takuya Fujima’s original character designs for the anime.

Composers Shigeo Komori (High School Fleet) and Hajime Hyakkoku (New Game!) created the music.

The Warlords of Sigrdrifa OP (opening) theme song music was “Higher’s High” by Akari Nanawo, while the ED (ending) was “Goodbye Tears (Sayonara Namida)” by Spira Spica.

The Warlords of Sigrdrifa Season 2 OP and ED have not yet been announced.

The first season was streaming on FUNimation with English subtitles. FUNimation’s Warlords of Sigrdrifa English dub was a SimulDub.

After a season-long delay from COVID-19 and week-long production delay production issues, the finale, Warlords of Sigrdrifa Episode 12, released on December 26, 2020.

This article provides everything that is known about Warlords of Sigrdrifa Season 2 (Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Season 2/Sigururi Season 2) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Warlords of Sigrdrifa anime written by Re:Zero author Tappei Nagatsuki

One aspect of the Warlords of Sigrdrifa anime that stands out is that it was written by Tappei Nagatsuki, the creator of the Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World- light novel series.

The popular book series was up to Volume 25 in December 2020, and the producer of the Re:Zero anime adaptation is already talking about Re:Zero Season 3.

Tappei acted as a supervisor over the Warlords of Sigrdrifa anime production. He was helped by Takaaki Suzuki (Strike Witches, High School Fleet), who helped with the world-building and research.

While the Warlords of Sigrdrifa anime was an original story, there are multiple spin-offs, including a Warlords of Sigrdrifa manga by Kanari Abe that’s referred to as “Non-Scramble” due to its focus on comedic slice of life stories.

A second manga by Takeshi Nogami focused on the dark side of the series. Titled Warlords of Sigrdrifa: Hero’s Madness (Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Kuru no Eiyu), it’s the story of men who fought on the battlefield of despair without the aid of Valkyrie.

It was published on Kadokawa Shoten’s Comic Hu website.

Tappei also joined up with illustrator Takuya Fujima to write the Warlords of Sigrdrifa light novel series. Four books have been released in Japanese already, although all of them are prequels.

The first, Warlords of Sigrdrifa: Rusalka, focused on a captain of Europe’s elite unit. As such, it functions as a prequel for Claudia Braford.

Warlords of Sigrdrifa Volume 1
The cover of Warlords of Sigrdrifa Volume 1 features Rusalka and a young Claudia. Pic credit:

The second set of books, Warlords of Sigrdrifa: Sakura, explores the relationship between the older Valkyrie and Sonoka Watarai. In the anime, it was confirmed that Sakura died before the events of the anime. The fallen Valkyrie played a pivotal role in Episode 7.

Unfortunately, no North American publisher has announced an official English translation of the light novels or manga series.

Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Season 2 release date predictions: Sigururi sequel unlikely?

As of the last update, A-1 Pictures or any company related to the anime production has not officially confirmed the Warlords of Sigrdrifa Season 2 release date.

Nor has the production of a Warlords of Sigrdrifa sequel been announced.

Once the news is officially confirmed, this article will be updated with the relevant information. In the meantime, it’s possible to speculate about when, or if, the Senyoku no Sigrdrifa Season 2 premiere date will occur in the future.

The Warlords of Sigrdrifa reviews have been lower than average, but the biggest factor holding the sequel back is really author Tappei Nagatsuki. Notably, all of the associated light novels are prequels, and he seems to have written the anime as a self-contained story.

To a certain extent it was an open ending since the threat of the Pillars still existed even after Odin was defeated (or was he?).

The odd part about the story is that it acts as if the characters, thus, by extension, the audience, are not familiar with Norse mythology. I say odd because we live in a world where Marvel’s Thor has worldwide popularity.

Most people know the broad strokes related to the one-eyed Odin, ruler over the dead in Valhalla, the hall of valiant warriors slain in war, and how the female handmaidens, the Valkyries, collect and lead these Vikings to their afterlife.

Ragnarok, which translates into “doom of the gods,” is the cataclysmic destruction of the world and everything in it – even the gods.

The wolf god Fenrir was supposed to kill Odin, Skoll would devour the sun, and his brother Hai would feast on the moon. 100 days before Ragnarok was supposed to occur, the Norse god Heimdallr would blow the horn called Gjallerhorn to warn about the impending Viking end of the world and call all of the sons of Odin to battle from Valhalla.

(On a side note, the real-life Ragnarok was predicted to happen on February 22, 2014. Instead of the end of the world, modern descendants of the Vikings threw a big party.)

The Warlords of Sigrdrifa anime made it abundantly clear early that many of the characters did not fully trust Odin even if they welcomed his help fighting against the mysterious Pillars.

But they became full-on suspicious during the battle against the Fuji Primary Pillar when a zombie-like giant Thor appeared, and Odin pulled a disappearing act.

In Episodes 8 and 9, it’s implied that Ragnarok already occurred and that the event may have referred to a time when the Norse gods became irrelevant. Odin is unwilling to accept a reality where his life’s greatest achievements have been reduced to myth and believes Ragnarok must still be in the future.

The plot twist was made plain in Episode 10 when Odin openly declared himself to be the true villain. The fallen god has orchestrated this war and has been playing both sides.

Assuming that there’s no plot twist in the sequel, Odin was defeated yet not redeemed by his Valkyries by the ending of Warlords of Sigrdrifa Episode 12. With the exception of the still-active Pillars, the anime’s story seems to have slammed the door shut on a sequel, although Warlords of Sigrdrifa OVA episodes based on the prequel books may be possible.

Anime fans will have to wait and watch to see if a door is left open for a Warlords of Sigrdrifa Season 2 anime. Stay tuned!

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