Wataten movie Precious Friends details, key visual announced at Anime Japan 2022

Image above talks about how the Wataten anime will premiere in early fall this year.
Image above talks about how the Wataten movie will premiere in early fall this year. Pic credit: Wataten Official

At AnimeJapan 2022, it was announced that the Wataten movie, Precious Friends, will premiere in early Fall of 2022 during a livestream announcement of the upcoming project.

The movie, which was announced back in 2021, had a few details announced then, with the announcement that the studio, director, scriptwriter, and voice acting cast would remain the same. A key visual, preview trailer, and movie plot details were also announced during the livestream.

You can watch the preview trailer shown off during the livestream in the below tweet:

Was anything else about the Wataten movie announced at the event?

The release date, details around the plot of the movie, and a key visual were revealed at the event. While not the first key visual to be released — the announcement of the movie was accompanied by a key visual as well as a poster — it’s the first one to be revealed since the announcement of the movie back in October of last year, giving us better insight into just what might be covered by the movie.

Along with the aforementioned release date announcement, a key visual for the movie was revealed.

You can find an image of the key visual that was revealed during the livestream below:

What details are known about the movie at this time?

More tie-in Wataten properties were announced at this event, including a web radio show, and a second live concert.

The plot of the movie was also revealed during the livestream. It is planned to follow Hana, Hinata, Noa, Koyori, Miyako, and Kanon as they go on an all-new original movie adventure around their first excursion as a group after a cookie-making party leads to a discovery about Hana’s grandma that makes them want to go looking for her treasure.

The movie is set to premiere sometime in Fall of 2022, and while a second season of the series hasn’t yet been confirmed, the strong 2.9 million sales of Wataten mean that the possibility of a second season (provided the movie does well) will remain on the table — the series most certainly is still going strong, and the passion behind the announcement today means that the creators have faith in the project.

It will be exciting to see what the final movie ends up being, and here’s hoping that it gets brought over!

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