Watch the No Guns Life anime series now, episode order revealed

His name is Juuzo Inui and he has a gun for a head
No Guns Life is a stylish noir action story that’s totally worth a watch. Pic credit: Funimation/YouTube

If you’re looking for an interesting anime to check out, might we suggest No Guns Life? It’s an action and drama series with a mystery noir vibe. It certainly has an intriguing look, with the main character having a literal gun for his head.

This stylish series follows Inui Juuzou, who is an investigator who is part of a race of beings known as the Extends. They are humans who have chosen to improve themselves with cybernetics to give themselves special abilities. Many of the Extends are former soldiers who have resorted to crime to survive a post-war world.

Inui not only has to deal with life as an Extend but also with amnesia. Check out the official trailer below.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, things get even more complicated when a renegade Extended breaks into his office and tasks him with protecting a young boy by the name of Tetsurō Arahabaki. Things are going to get worse before they get better for this (pardon the pun) gun for hire.

One of my favorite things about this character is that he can’t actually fire the gun that replaced his head. Instead, he has to have someone else fire the gun for him and he only grants this special privilege to those that he trusts. Funny fact — one of his fears is that his head will rust.

It was recently announced that the anime series will be split up into two cours with 12 episodes in each half for the first season. I have to say that it’s an interesting manga read and the anime also looks promising.

No Guns Life is by Tasuku Karasuma and was serialized in Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine in 2014. At present, there have been eight volumes collected with chapters still being released. VIZ Media has licensed the series for the North American English release.

The anime television series has been adapted by the legendary Studio Madhouse. Itou Naoyuki directs the series with Katou Michiya on Storyboard and Special Effects, Gou Fumiyuki as the Sound Director, and Kawai Kenji on music. Voice actor Suwabe Junichi voices Inui Juuzou and Yamashita Daiki voices Tetsurō Arahabaki. The opening theme, MOTOR CITY, is by Kenichi Asai and the ending theme, Game Over, is by DATS.

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