Weekly Shonen Jump celebrates Sakomoto Days, Witch Watch, and The Elusive Samurai with their new 2022 manga PV trailer

Sakakomoto Days, Witch Watch, The Elusive Samurai
Weekly Shonen Jump celebrates Sakamoto Days, Witch Watch, and The Elusive Samurai by giving them a PV trailer for their newest manga volumes. Pic credit: Shonen Jump, Yuto Suzuki, Kenta Shinohara, and Yusei Matsui.

Sakamoto Daya, Witch Watch, and The Elusive Samurai have received new PV trailers from Weekly Shonen Jump. Weekly Shonen Jump is known for its range of fantastic manga, and many go on to get the anime treatment.

And these three more than live up to that tradition. If you haven’t heard of these titles, don’t worry, there are no spoilers here.

I’m only going to cover the plot, other works by the mangaka, and comparisons with other series.

Shonen jump promotional image featuring Goku, Luffy and boruto.
Shonen jump promotional image featuring Goku, Luffy, and Boruto. Pic credit: Viz media

Sakamoto Days

Yuto Suzuki began publishing Sakamoto Days in Weekly Shonen Jump in November 2020.

In the story, Taro Sakamoto was one of the greatest hitmen until he fell in love. Now Sakamoto works as a humble convenience store owner with a loving wife and daughter. But the past refuses to leave him alone, so Sakamoto, along with Shin, an Esper, and an employee of his store, works together to defend Sakamoto’s way of life.

Spy x Family comes to mind, but I recommend reading Black Cat by Kentaro Yabuki as well. All three blend humor and action perfectly, and Black Cat also has an anime slightly different from the manga.

Witch Watch

Kenta Shinohara started publishing Witch Watch in Weekly Shonen Jump in February 2021.

Morihito is an ogre disguised as a teenage boy, and Nico Wakatsuki is a witch and his childhood friend.

When Otogi’s father leaves for a business trip, Wakatsuki moves in and tells Otogi that if he doesn’t become her familiar, he’ll turn into a strange creature. However, she also says she likes him and wants to be his girlfriend.

Romantic comedies with magic are a dime a dozen, but Witch Watch looks like it’s a fun read. Shinohara is the mangaka of SKET DANCE and Astra Lost in Space.

The Elusive Samurai

Yusei Matsui began publishing The Elusive Samurai in Weekly Shonen Jump on January 25, 2021.

Set between the Kamakura and Muromachi eras, young Hojo Tokiyuki is eight-years-old and on the run to avenge his family.

Ashikaga Takauji overthrew Tokiyuki’s family and won’t stop until he kills Tokiyuki. But all is not lost as Tokiyuki is joined by a shady priest and his followers, not to mention Tokiyuki is very good at running away.

Matsui is the genius behind Assassination Classroom, and it shows when you compare Tokiyuki to Nagisa. Both are far from intimidating at first glance, and their physical prowess is easily beat.

But Nagisa has excellent observational skills and a natural talent for assassination. Tokiyuki has a strong survival instinct and the speed to back it up.

If you love historical manga, then check out Ruroni Kenshin! Not only will you learn about the Meiji era, but you’ll see top-notch battles!

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