Yen Press to publish Call the Name of the Night in English

Call the Name of the Night
Two girls are living in a forest. One calls upon darkness when she’s distressed. The other is trying to cure her. What could go wrong? Pic credit: Tama Mitsuboshi

On September 9, 2022, Yen Press on Twitter announced it will bring the Call the Name of the Night manga to English readers. This is the first manga by Tama Mitsuboshi and is called Yoru no Namae wo Yonde in Japanese.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a release date yet, but the synopsis is disturbing in the best way.

What would you do if you could summon darkness whenever you’re upset?

What is Call the Name of the Night about?

Call the Name of the Night focuses on two girls who live in a forest. Mira has an unusual affliction: she summons darkness whenever she gets distressed.

Rei is her physician and she’s determined to find a way to cure her. So, every day, they work together to help Mira remember the light and bring back the person she used to be.

This goes on until one of Rei’s friends suddenly visits them. They are interested in Mira’s condition. Does this mark the end of the girls’ peaceful lives?

Is it possible for Mira to gain control of her abilities?

The classic play of darkness and light

Since ancient times, people have associated light with good and darkness with evil. However, without a preview or way to read the manga online, all we can do is guess how the darkness plays out in Call the Name of the Night.

But, the cover itself may give us a hint. A young girl, Mira, I’m guessing, is holding a beautiful star in her hands.

It lights up her face, but other colored lights surround her. They are making the darkness look like a sky filled with fireworks.

The star is giving the cover a soft, whimsical touch, just like what you’d expect to see from Studio Ghibli or Disney. Of course, one should never judge a book by its cover.

Not to mention that there are plenty of stories with cute art that hide darker content. The fact that Mira’s ability is considered an affliction is an interesting twist.

Could light magic be the norm? Is Mira possessed? Or is there something else going on? Let me know your thoughts, and leave a comment below.

Call the Name of the Night sounds too good to be passed up!

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