Your Forma is a hit sci-fi light novel that shows how an invasive cure can steal your privacy

Your Forma
Your Forma shows what happens when technology is meant to save you at the cost of your privacy. Pic credit: Mareho Kikuishi

In an alternate 2023, a “smart thread” device, also known as “suture of the brain” or “Your Forma,” was initially designed to treat viral encephalitis. However, thanks to Rig City, a major IT cooperation, Your Forma is now a part of daily life.

Using Mnemosnyes, Your Forma records everything you see, hear, and feel. So, in the worst-case scenario, if you contract encephalitis Your Forma can be used to find out how you got it, who gave it to you, and if you gave it to anyone else. The problem is that an Electronic Investigator must link with Your Forma to access this information.

And since they’re in your brain, they can access anything during the dive, and you might not have a choice about letting them in. So fans of Ghost in the Shell or Psycho-Pass will feel at home with this series!

Your Forma
Can Echiaka and Harold solve the case? Pic credit: Mareho Kikuishi

Are health and security more important than privacy?

On paper, anything that can be used to keep us safe and healthy is good. And many people are looking forward to the day when we can have the internet connected to our brains.

But then we risk someone hacking us or infecting us with encephalitis, an actual condition. Encephalitis means Inflammation of the Brain that is usually caused by an infection and creates flu-like symptoms like headaches or fever.

It can be fatal and needs lab tests and imaging for treatment. So, go to your doctor to get treated immediately, as the symptoms can last for several days or weeks.

Fortunately, encephalitis is sporadic, with fewer than 20,000 cases reported yearly in the US. I’ve read the first chapter of Your Forma, and I’m hooked.

We meet one of our main characters Echika Hieada, a genius and the youngest Diver working for Interpol’s Electrocrime Investigations Bureau. Electronic Investigators must work with Electronic Investigator Aides for survival.

Divers cannot end the connection once they enter someone’s Your Forma. Aides or Belayers must be well-matched with their Divers because Belayers endure the mental strain equal to the Diver’s data-processing abilities.

What else do we know about Your Forma?

Mareho Kikuishi is the author, and Tsubata Nozaki is the illustrator for the light novels. You can buy the first volume at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Indigo, RightStuff, and more.

There are four volumes available in Japan, and a manga adaptation with art by Yoshinori Kisaragi began under KADOKAWA’S Comics Ace imprint in November 2021.

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