Yuru Camp Season 2 release date confirmed for 2021: When will Laid Back Camp Season 2 (Yurukyan) come out?

The girls in Yuru Camp
The Yuru Camp Season 2 anime will have the girls celebrating New Year’s with a special sunrise viewing trip. Pic credit: C-Station

The Yuru Camp Season 2 release date has officially been confirmed to be scheduled for January 7, 2021. The announcement from the official website also featured two new key visuals for the Laid Back Camp Season 2 anime.

As it so happens, anime news leaker Spytrue previously claimed, “Yuru Camp S2 TV anime will premiere in Winter 2021.”

Laid Back Camp Season 2 is a long time coming since the second season was originally announced way back in October 2018.

The reason for the long wait was due to the Yuru Camp manga series not providing enough source material until recently.

But it’s not surprising that the second season was announced so early. Sales of the Blu-Ray box sets in Japan topped the Oricon charts in the first week, selling 11,584 copies.

Conventional wisdom holds that an anime series needs to sell at least 3,000 copies to justify a second season, but streaming services like Crunchyroll have become the major source of revenue.

The initial Yuru Camp S2 announcement also included a Yuru Camp movie (see below for more details) and a series of short anime episodes called Heya Camp (or Room Camp) that premiered on January 6, 2020.

Three Yuru Camp OVA episodes were also released back in the spring and summer of 2018.

Laid Back Camp Season 2 Yuru Camp Season 2 Anime Key Visual
Two key visuals for the Yuru Camp Season 2 anime. Pic credit: Studio C-Station

The Laid Back Camp anime was co-produced by Crunchyroll as part of the anime production committee. Crunchyroll has also co-produced popular anime such as The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 2 anime and The Rising Of The Shield Hero Season 3 anime.

The first season and the Heya Camp anime were both produced by animation studio C-Station, which is also known for producing the Starmyu anime series. Presumably, the staff at C-Station will return for producing Yuru Camp Season 2.

Director Masato Jinbo, who previously directed the opening for the first season, took the helm for the Heya Camp anime series. The original director, Yoshiaki Kyougoku, became a supervisor over the project. It’s unknown who will direct Laid Back Camp Season 2 at this time.

Scriptwriter Mutsumi Ito created the series composition. Character designer Mutsumi Sasaki also returned as chief animation director.

The Yuru Camp Season 2 OP (opening) music theme song will be “Seize the Day” as performed by Asaka, while the ending (ED) will be “Next to Spring (Haru no Tonari)” by Eri Sasaki.

The first season’s OP was “Shiny Days” by Asaka, while the ED was “Fuyubiyori” by Eri Sasaki.

  • Updated November 30, 2020: Exact Yuru Camp Season 2 release date confirmed!
  • Updated November 12, 2020: Added second Yuru Camp Season 2 trailer and OP/ED info.
  • Updated October 29, 2020: Added Laid Back Camp Season 2 key visuals.
  • Updated September 21, 2020: Added Yuru Camp Season 2 trailer.
  • Updated March 23, 2020: Laid Back Camp Season 2 release time frame confirmed! Added new Yuru Camp Season 2 key visuals.

This article provides everything that is known about Yuru Camp Season 2 (Laid Back Camp Season 2) and all related news. As such, this article will be updated over time with news, rumors, and analysis. Meanwhile, let’s delve down into what is known for certain.

Yuru Camp movie release date still pending

The Laid Back Camp movie was announced several years ago, but so far, no additional details have been released.

A Laid-Back Camp Special Event that will be held in Tokyo’s Yomiuri Hall will be held on April 11, 2021. The four main voice actresses will appear.

The special event has a working title so it’s possible more movie details will be announced at the time.

Assuming that Season 2 adapts only four manga volumes, the Yuru Camp movie could be based on Volume 9.

However, it’s also possible that the Yuru Camp movie’s story will be an original story by Afro.

Yuru Camp manga compared to the Yurukyan anime

The story for the anime series is based on the Yuru Camp manga series (which is also known as Yurukyan) by creator Afro. Serialized in Manga Time Kirara Forward since July 2015, the manga chapters are released monthly. In 2019, the manga 2019 transferred to the new website/app Comic Fuz.

As of January 10, 2020, the Laid Back Camp manga series was up to Volume 9. The release date for Yuru Camp Volume 10 has not yet been announced, but historically only one or two new volumes have come out per year.

The official English translation by Yen Press is not too far behind the Japanese release. Laid Back Camp Volume 8 will become available in paperback on March 17, 2020, although the digital eBook version is available now from Amazon, Book Walker, Google Play, etc.

Yuru Camp Volume 9 Manga Cover Art
The manga cover art for Yuru Camp Volume 9. Pic credit: Afro

The first season of the anime adapted the manga without using filler content or skipping over major details. Episode 12 ended with Volume 4, although the anime foreshadowed future events from Yuru Camp Season 2.

Rin’s grandfather originally did not show up in the manga series until Volume 5, but in the anime series he was introduced in Episode 6. The anime did not directly name the character, but the end credits listed the voice actor as Rin’s grandfather, so we know it’s him.

That means the story of the Laid Back Camp Season 2 anime should pick up with the plot of Volume 5. If the same pacing is maintained, the second season will probably be 12 or 13 episodes and find an ending somewhere around Volume 8.

That means it could be several more years until mangaka Afro produces enough chapters for Yuru Camp Season 3 (Laid Back Camp Season 3).

Yuru Camp S2 spoilers (plot summary/synopsis)

With the New Year on everyone’s minds, the girls of the Outdoor Exploration Club are trying to decide whether they should view the first sunrise of the new year by the ocean or within view of Mount Fuji. Whatever their choice, it’s a good reason to go camping, but Rin’s plans are put to the test when they’re hit by a freak snowstorm!

Their winter trials are just beginning with their next trip to Lake Yamanaka. Inuko, Aki, and Ena may have gained some camping experience, but they may be underestimating just how freezing cold it will get during the winter.

The next story arc focuses on Nadeshiko, who has become interested in solo camping based Rin extolling its virtues. But Rin and Nadeshiko’s big sister, Sakura, are worried that Nadeshiko can’t handle the rigors of outdoors camping all by herself.

Fast forward a bit to the end of term tests, and Nadeshiko decides to go camping with the rest of the girls in Izu. But their adventure will be interrupted by a tiny “guest” appearance.

Unfortunately, anime fans will need to wait until the Yuru Camp Season 2 release date to watch what happens. Stay tuned!

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