Yuuna Hirasawa’s new Ryuui no Ruka manga about dragons will run in Kodansha’s Morning 2 magazine

Kagi-tsuki Terrarium
Kagi-tsuki Terrarium or The Terrarium With Key. It is a touching tale that will please anyone. Pic credit: Yuuna Hirasawa

On July 20, 2022, Manga Mogura on Twitter re-tweeted that Yuuna Hirasawa’s newest manga would be serialized in Kodansha’s Morning 2 magazine. It’s called Ryuui no Ruka, and it’ll begin in the 11/2022 issue in September.

Ryuui no Ruka will be a dragon-focused fantasy, and if it’s anything like Kagi-tsuki Terrarium, I can’t wait to read it!

Boku ga Watashi ni Naru Tame ni
Boku ga Watashi ni Naru Tame ni, or In Order for Me to be Me, is an autobiography about Hirasawa’s trip to Thailand to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Pic credit: Yuuna Hirasawa

Who is Yuuna Hirasawa?

Yuuna Hirasawa is best known for Kagi-tsuki Terrarium, a tale of a world where humanity is almost gone. The main characters are Chico and Pinot, and they travel the world to find a way to save humanity.

The story asks what the difference is between humans and robots, and the art is breathtaking when colored. According to MyAnimeList.net, Hirasawa’s first work is Boku ga Watashi ni Naru Tame ni.

It came out in 2016 and is the autobiography of Hirasawa’s journey to Thailand to have sex reassignment surgery. Hirasawa does a fantastic job of explaining her male-to-female transition and asks the big questions.

What is “gender.”? Who decides what is “normal?” Chapter one started with a bang and didn’t let go. There’s humor and knowledge to be gained, and I’m glad to see Hirasawa improve with each series.

Hirasawa’s latest manga is Shirayuri wa Ake ni Somaranai. It’s a stirring tale about a brave young woman, Nadya, as she joins the Red Army to defend her homeland in WW2.

All three series have relatable characters, and I wish they were longer and available in English. Hopefully, Ryuui no Ruka will be translated, and more readers can enjoy Hirasawa’s work.

More love for Hirasawa!

Even though all of her series are short, Hirasawa’s chooses different genres to work with is impressive. Nadya and Chico are stubborn, funny, and enduring despite everything their worlds throw at them.

Considering the love, she puts into Kagi-tsuki Terrarium, I’m curious to see what kind of dragons her newest work will contain. Morning 2 is aimed at men, so perhaps Ryuui no Ruka will have more adult humor?

Are you planning on reading any of Hirasawa’s works? Please comment below, and share your thoughts on this great mangaka!

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