Last Game, A Story of Seven Lives, and The Great Snake’s Bride manga English translation licensed by Seven Seas

Three new Seven Seas licensed manga including Last Game.

Publisher Seven Seas’ ever-growing catalog has three new additions to their licensed line-up — Shinobu Amano’s popular rom-com series Last Game included. As always, Seven Seas has its monthly reader survey open where fans can request their favorite works to be published in the West!   Mangaka Shinobu Amano is known for their extensive roster of … Read more

Phantom Tales of the Night manga’s English translation released by Yen Press ahead of Halloween 2022

Covers of the Phantom Tales of the Night manga

Yen Press is bulking up its horror line-up for the Halloween season with mangaka Matsuri’s Phantom Tales of the Night. The English translation of Volume 1 just released. The original Japanese version of the latest Phantom Tales of the Night Volume 9 was released back on August 9, 2022. Volume 10 is launching on December … Read more

Skygrazer manga’s English release date: Mystery by Masakazu Ishiguro coming out in October 2022

Cover of the Skygrazer manga.

Publisher Kodansha USA has announced that the Skygrazer manga’s English translation is coming out with a paperback release on October 25, 2022. Author Masakazu Ishiguro is best known for Heavenly Delusion and And Yet the Town Moves which received an anime adaptation back in 2010.  Nominated for the Manga Taisho award in 2012, Skygrazer combines … Read more

Moonrise anime release date in 2024 – Netflix x Wit Studio team up for an original sci-fi story

Promotional imagery for Netflix and Wit Studio anime Moonrise.

Netflix has something new in store for sci-fi fans with their upcoming original anime Moonrise. Produced by Wit Studio (known for Spy × Family), this action-packed space tale has caught the eye of many not only due to its gorgeous visuals but because of the staff involved.  CEO George Wada had something special to share … Read more

My New Life as a Cat, Cinderella Closet, and Soloist in a Cage manga’s English translation licensed by Seven Seas

The covers of three new Seven Seas published manga: My New Life as a Cat, Cinderella Closet, and Soloist in a Cage.

As part of their Wonderful Wednesday series, publisher Seven Seas has licensed three shoujo manga. My New Life as a Cat, Cinderella Closet, and Soloist in a Cage are the newest additions to the publisher’s ever-growing line-up. Should shoujo fans expect more to come?    Currently serialized in Ciao Deluxe, Konomi Wagata’s My New Life as … Read more