Attack On Titan Requiem manga is a Shingeki no Kyojin alternate ending by fans: AoT Requiem Part 2 release date upcoming

Attack On Titan no Requiem manga
Attack On Titan Requiem Part 1 did not focus on Historia’s part in the new ending yet, but the preview art has made it clear that she’ll play a central role. Pic credit: Attack On Titan Requiem/Nemesis179

The Attack On Titan Requiem manga (or Attack On Titan no Requiem manga) is being made by Shingeki no Kyojin manga fans who did not like the official ending of Attack On Titan Chapter 139. Part 1 of this Attack On Titan alternative ending just released over the weekend, and now they’re hard at work creating more pages in addition to Attack On Titan Requiem Part 2.

The team bases the title on the official Attack On Titan ED theme song music “Akatsuki no Requiem” by Linked Horizon.

The Attack On Titan Requiem manga will be a fan-made (doujinshi) alternate ending. According to the Attack On Titan Requiem project’s official Tumblr and Twitter page, AoT Requiem will begin rewriting the Attack On Titan manga’s ending starting with Chapter 136.

The release date for Attack On Titan no Requiem Part 1 was on May 29, 2021. Part 1 was only 20 pages long.

According to the Twitter page, AoT Requiem Part 1 release was so popular that it generated enough traffic to cause technical issues, and the team was temporarily forced to shut down the website. The website eventually came back on May 30, 2021.

AoT Requiem Eren Armin
The Attack On Titan Requiem manga is in black-and-white, but some fans have already created colored version of the first pages. Pic credit: Gojos_w***e/Twitter

The project is initially being released in English and Spanish, with more languages to come. The team says they have 15 translators lined up to create versions in Portuguese BR, French, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese, Polish, Czech, Italian, Korean, German, Arabic, and Russian.

“We have over 15 translators currently working to get part 1 translated, working with the writers directly to ensure the meaning can stay consistent across various languages. We would appreciate it if speed-translations were NOT done and uploaded on other sites,” the team said.

The team even created their own music soundtrack for listening as you read.

Attack On Titan Requiem Part 2 release date

AoT no Requiem will be one “ultimate chapter” with an estimated 100-plus pages divided into multiple parts.

Originally, the AoT Requiem team was saying they were shooting for 80-plus pages that would be divided into only two parts, so the scope of the project has apparently been extended.

In addition, there are more pages to come for Part 1.

“Part One is far from over!!” stated the website. “There is definitely more on the way and soon!”

The Attack On Titan Requiem Part 2 release date has not been announced yet, either. In the past, the team stated that AoT Requiem Part 2 will release after the extra pages are completed.

Note: This story will be updated once the AoT Requiem Part 2 release date is confirmed.

The team hasn’t confirmed yet whether there will be an Attack On Titan Requiem Part 3 or if Part 2 will contain more extra pages than originally planned.

Akatsuki no Requeim Historia
Preview artwork for Attack On Titan; Akatsuki no Requeim notably featured Historia. At one point, some AoT manga fans had shipped Historia and Eren rather than Mikasa. Pic credit: Attack On Titan no Requeim project

AoT Requiem team explains why they made the fan-made manga

The backlash against the official ending has been so bad that some fans even created an Attack On Titan petition that demands Studio MAPPA change the ending to the Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 2 anime. The AoT no Requiem team says the project initially began since they felt “wounded, angry, betrayed” by the ending released by creator Hajime Isayama.

Even Isayama himself has been tweaking the ending by adding extra pages that will be released in the final volume. It even appears that Isayama changed the ending enough to leave an opening for an Attack On Titan Part 2 manga sequel (see the news story in the link for more details).

When one of their nephews looked “terribly disappointed by the ending” the motivation for creating the AoT Requiem manga “morphed into making an ending he would be excited to read back on and enjoy”.

“With the best of our abilities, we strive to give the series a more satisfying ending that pays homage to the important themes and deep message of the original story,” says the official website.

“A conclusion that respect the established characterization and character development of each characters based directly from the author’s past interviews and major turning points in the manga while maintaining the DARK and TRAGIC tone that distinguished Attack on Titan from other shounen mangas.”

They’ve received a lot of hate and death threats for creating Attack On Titan’s new ending. They reject the hate and pursued this dream.

They also don’t want fans of the Attack On Titan no Requiem manga to spam manga publisher Kodansha, anime Studio MAPPA, or Isayama himself with their work.

“We have worked hard but we also understand that this is in fact just a work of fanfiction. This isn’t going to change the canon events from canon, this isn’t going to suddenly be canon,” the team wrote on their website. “We just want to provide a good ending and allow many others to enjoy the series and move onto other things should the time come.”

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