Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 releases new key visual

Attack on Titan scouts fall towards founding titan eren
Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 will be the last installment in the anime. Pic credit: Studio MAPPA

There’s nothing more exciting than getting an update for your favorite series, and Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 3 is capitalizing on that with its newest key visual.

The visual made its debut during a special event held in Japan on November 13th, 2022, and fans have been buzzing about it all day. The visual was also posted to the official Twitter account and website for the series as well.

It’s definitely one of the coolest visuals to date. In it, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie, Levi, and Reiner descend toward Eren, who appears to be in full Founding Titan Form. With the warm color scheme, intense expressions, and chaotic movement, you can feel the intensity and finality of the image.

Attack on Titan: The Final season first premiered back in December 2020. Since then, 28 episodes have been released as two parts. After the way part two ended, it will be interesting to see what this next part has in store. However, we have yet to see a confirmed Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 release date for the last installment yet.

the scouts descend on founding titan eren
The new key visual premiered at a special Attack on Titan Event in Japan. Pic credit: Studio MAPPA

Will there be another AoT season after Part 3?

Using words like “The Final Season” often leads people to believe that things are coming to an end. However, Attack of Titan has proven before that sometimes the word “final” isn’t actually final.

So far, the final season, which is also technically the fourth season of the series, has been broken into two parts. Both parts aired separately, using the cour release style seen in other animes. Fans were expecting the series to end with Part 2 but were surprised when instead, a third part was announced.

After that surprise, fans wondered if it could happen again, with a fourth part or even a movie. However, it has been confirmed multiple times on numerous sites now that Attack On Titan: The Final Season Part 3 will officially conclude the anime series.

What will Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 3 be about?

If you haven’t finished Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 yet, or you’re just curious about the series in general, you may be wondering what Part 3 will be about.

The end of Part 2 saw Eren and his fleet of colossal titans finally reach Marley’s shores. Conflict will reach an all-time high as Eren’s former friends, and allies now become the ones trying to stop him.

With only about 9 chapters left to animate, there feels like so much still needs to be covered. Viewers have yet to see Falco’s Jaw Titan in action but expect him to play a role. Fans of the manga will be excited to see important scenes between characters like Eren and Mikasa, Eren and Armin, and The Jaeger brothers finally animated. Whether or not Eren can be redeemed for actions still remains to be seen, but whatever the outcome, it’s sure to be quite the conclusion to such a popular series.

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