Yen Press 2023 English release schedule line-up includes 8 manga and light novel titles

Three titles from the eight new Yen Press 2023 manga and light novels.
Looking for new manga to check out in 2023? Publisher Yen Press has you covered. Pic credit: Ren Mokumoku, Kaoru Hoshino, and Miyuu

The manga industry is booming with new releases coming weekly, and Yen Press has announced eight of many titles coming in 2023. This extends to light novels as well of which the publisher has two fantasy works slated for release next year. Whether one is a fan of fantasy, romance, or horror, there’s something in their 2023 line-up for everyone.

With two new fantasy manga in addition to two light novels, the genre will certainly be seeing plenty of representation next year: 

That doesn’t mean that fans wanting a break from magic and mayhem won’t have plenty of picks to line their shelves:

  • Drama-filled rom-com by Monika Kaname, Sunbeams in the Sky, tells the story of twin sisters Himari and Mio. After a tragic incident which leaves Himari reclusive, Mio impersonates her — hopeful to bring confidence and love back into her life.
  • Sequel to the 2010 manga Kiniro Mosaic, Yui Hara’s Best Wishes shows the day-to-day life of Alice and her friends after graduation. For those wanting slice-of-life and friendship with an endearing cast, this is certainly a series to check out.     

While they won’t be here in time for Halloween, Yen Press does have two new manga perfect for horror and supernatural fans:

  •  The Summer Hikaru Died by Ren Mokumoku explores the friendship between two highschool boys who — after a fateful night in the woods — have their relationship changed forever. Hikaru isn’t quite what he always had been, but Yoshiki refuses to leave his side for anything. 
  • Tama Mitsuboshi’s Call the Name of the Night follows Mira, a young girl whose illness has plagued her for years. After seeking a physician Rei for help, however, the two soon learn that Mira’s sickness may hold more mystery than the two ever expected.

What new light novels are upcoming in 2023 from Yen Press?

In addition to six manga releases, Yen Press also has two new light novels coming to their 2023 line-up. Keeping up the fantasy trend, both these two releases take readers through magical worlds and adventures:

  • Urban fantasy tale, Hollow Regalia by author Gakuto Mikumo and artist Miyuu, tells the story of the day Tokyo fell. Spirit Beasts inhabit the world — causing endless destruction in their wake. It’s up to Yahiro, one of Japan’s only survivors, and a team of immortals to stop them. 

Who is publisher Yen Press?

Publisher Yen Press started back in 2006 and has worked with co-owners Kadokawa and Hachette to translate and publish manga, light novels, and more in English. Some of their most popular titles — Sword Art Online and Goblin Slayer included — have helped to make them a big name in the industry. And their reach to major sellers including Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and RightStuf make their works easily accessible to all fans. 

English manga publishing has come a long way before the 2000s where certain series were doomed to obscurity unless fan translation helped bring them into the West. Nowadays, more Japanese titles — along Korean webtoons and even wuxia novels — have been able to flourish in the Western market thanks to the efforts of publishers such as Yen Press, Seven Seas, and more.

Is that to say all is perfect in the English manga publishing world? Not exactly. With every emerging industry comes growing pains. Back in May 2022, publisher Seven Seas received pushback surrounding allegations of overwork and underpayment. While Seven Seas did formally agree to the workers’ demand to unionize, it does leave an open question as to how their competitors may fare. 

The stereotype of mangaka and their teams working to exhaustion — and even hospitalization — isn’t all hyperbole. Although, given the rise in awareness of such issues, it would seem likely that publishers wouldn’t want to be caught red-handed in an age where social media mobs could descend at any moment.

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