Last Game, A Story of Seven Lives, and The Great Snake’s Bride manga English translation licensed by Seven Seas

Three new Seven Seas licensed manga including Last Game.
From rom-coms to a slice-of-life with a cat protagonist, Seven Seas has plenty of 2023 launches to get manga fans excited. Pic credit: Gin Shirakawa, Fushiashikumo, Shinobu Amano

Publisher Seven Seas’ ever-growing catalog has three new additions to their licensed line-up — Shinobu Amano’s popular rom-com series Last Game included. As always, Seven Seas has its monthly reader survey open where fans can request their favorite works to be published in the West!  

Mangaka Shinobu Amano is known for their extensive roster of shoujo manga including 2010’s Fragments of Summer and its newest release Shinimodori Reijou no Lucetta. Their work has yet to receive an anime adaptation, but with the resurgence of popularity of Last Game — and rom-coms in general with Kaguya-sama: Love is War garnering mass hype — perhaps that will change in the future.

Last Game, serialized in LaLa — a monthly shoujo magazine — follows the life of Yanagi Naoto, the heir to a hotel mogul and self-proclaimed king of his middle school. Top of his class and talented athlete, Naoto has enjoyed the easy life of an elite… at least until Kujou Mikoto comes to dethrone him. 

A paperback and digital edition of the first volume is set to release in May 2023 for North American readers.

What is the plot of A Story of Seven Lives volume 1?

Serialized by web publisher COMIC it, Gin Shirakawa’s A Story of Seven Lives is a slice-of-life tale about a stray cat named Nanao. Shirakawa is also the artist of Back to School Life at Magic Academy With Ex After Reincarnation — a collaboration with writer Eiko Mutsuhana. 

Surviving his first harsh winter on the streets, young Nanao is confident that he — together with his kitty pal Machi — can lead a long and fulfilling life. With food growing ever shorter, however, Nanao may be forced to rely on those he’s come to hate: humans. This marks one of many cat-centric manga releasing soon with Konomi Wagata’s My New Life as a Cat set to release in April 2023.

Like Last Game, A Story of Seven Lives will be released in May 2023 in both paperback and digital editions. Due to the short length of the work, the entirety of it will be released in a single omnibus.

What is the plot of The Great Snake’s Bride volume 1?

Those looking for romance with a supernatural twist have The Great Snake’s Bride to check out. Miyo’s arranged marriage is far more terrifying than she could have ever imagined. Wed to the serpent Lord Daija (a name that means serpent in Japanese), all she dreams of is escape. But despite his scaly and menacing form, Lord Daija proves to be better company than Miyo would have imagined.  

Fushiashikumo’s web manga The Great Snake’s Bride — not to be confused with Seonseueon’s webtoon series The Snake’s Bride — started serialization in Comic Marche back in February 2021. Fans excited for the upcoming anime Sacrificial Princess and the King of Beasts should certainly keep this manga on their radar.   

The Great Snake’s Bride Volume 1 is slated for a July 2023 release in both paperback and digital.

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