My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12 review: “Threads of Hope”

Best Jeanist vs Gigantomachia
“Threads of Hope” is one of this season’s best episodes. Pic credit: Studio Bones/Youtube

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 11: “Dabi’s Dance” contained one of the biggest reveals of the series to date. For everyone who hadn’t guessed the twist already, It stunned manga fans when they first found out.

Finally, anime fans got to experience the same shock, and clearly, some viewers still haven’t recovered yet. However, My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12 proves that this anime isn’t out of surprises yet, giving the heroes the ace in the hole they desperately needed in the eleventh hour. 

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12 synopsis and review 

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 12 opens with Deku next to Gigantomachia, who has been restrained using Best Jeanist’s fibers. Deku seems to reminisce on what got them to this point, as flashbacks highlight all the significant moments in battle this far. He concludes that everyone’s hopes and desires are connected, even now.

After the credits roll, we flashback again—this time to Best Jeanist in his moments before revealing himself to be alive. He’s being dropped into the battle via plane, and while they fly, he watches Dabi’s broadcast. He wonders if Dabi specifically waited for a moment in time when faith in heroes was wavering to do such a reveal. He jumps out of the plane, taking several containers with him, subduing Dabi, Gigantomachiaas, and the other villains, as he apologizes for being late. The heroes are happy to see him, but Dabi wonders why he is not dead. 

While constrained, the villains wonder what their next move is, also noting that Gigsntomachia seems to have finally run out of stamina, and without further instruction, he has nothing to do. 

As Nejire closes in on them with an attack, Spinner tries to encourage Shigaraki to take up. Before her attack can land, she is hit by Dabi’s immense flames as he escapes his binds. 

Meanwhile, Shigaraki seems to be stuck in a haze. He complains of itching, which causes him to flashback to when his quirk first manifested, resulting in a similar discomfort. However, he manages to muster up the strength to give Gigantimachia one more order: destroy it. Thanks to this, Gigantimachia’s eyes light up, and he immediately finds the strength to break through his restraints. 

In another location, other pro heroes fight Nomu, but when they flee, Burnin’ realizes they’re heading toward Shogarki. She calls ahead to inform the other heroes while wondering why they suddenly changed their plans when a giant leech Nomu appears behind her, ready to strike. She’s completely caught off guard, but before the leech can strike, another hero flies in, taking him out. 

As he watches Gigantomachia get even stronger, Best Jeans coughs up a small amount of blood. Beside them, Dabi and Shoto engage in an epic showdown. Shoto doesn’t understand why Dabi would put his brother in danger, to which he explains h was trying to hurt Endeavor, as he no longer feels anything anymore. He relishes that he can finally take this time to kill Shoto, his replacement. 

After noticing the Nomu flying in, Deku struggles to force his battered body to move. Just when it all seems hopeless, a familiar face suddenly appears from the ground, revealing Mario. He seems to have regained his quirk again, popping out of the earth in full Lemillion gear.  

Deku wonders how Lemilliin is there, and he explains that he wanted to help after hearing about the plan and pleaded with Eri to use her quirk on him. She was more than happy to help him, as she had been practicing for this. Although he’s able to help now, he still doesn’t have enough strength to take out Nomu on his own, so he calls for help.

Despite his injuries, Bakugou is the first to answer the call, using a new explosion technique he realizes he only developed earlier in battle. He blasts through several Nomu and thinks back to his internship with Best Jeanist. Back then, he didn’t know who he was, without even a serious hero name behind him. To everyone’s chagrin, except Mirio’s, he declares himself “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight”.

Noticing that Shigaraki can’t move anymore, the others try to finally finish off the fight while Shoto and Dabi continue to brawl. Dabi takes great joy in watching Endeavor suffer below, wondering how he’ll react if he manages to burn Shoto up completely. Before Shoto can answer, Deku’s black whip comes flying in, forcing Dabi off him. Deku doesn’t have the strength to move his body but manages to fly with float and use his black through his tongue, similar to Tsu’s abilities. 

As they argue, Gigantomachia’s restraints snap, terrifying everyone as he regains the ability to stand. In a flash of fire, Endeavor sends himself careening toward the giant beast, managing to hit him in the jaw. It seems to have no effect at first, but then he slowly falls to the ground as he does his last bit of strength. They realize then that the aesthetic Momo made earlier is finally starting to take effect. Best Jeanist notes that it took everyone working together, chipping away little by little, to get to this moment. 

The tide seems to be turning now as Best Jeanist manages to subdue Gigantomachia again. In their battle, Shoto notices that Dabi is starting to overheat. Mirio, Ilda, and the others take on the Nomu, while the restraints on the villains only get tighter. Even Compress struggles to fight back, as he’s unable to touch anything and activate his quirk. As he looks around, he says they can’t end it here as now of them have accomplished anything yet. Best Jeanist only tightens his restraints, and the episode ends with Compress declaring he will show them the greatest show on earth. 

In terms of balance, this might have been one of the season’s best episodes. The action was stellar, but we still learned plenty and managed to progress the story as well. So often, you see one element lose in favor of the other, but this episode seemed to find the sweet spot, so it never dragged or felt like it was dumping too much exposition. 

The Lemillion reveal was amazing! Even better than the manga, mostly because I forgot he was even coming. I was genuinely surprised and excited to see him, as I imagine most fans will be. His resurgence definitely gives hope to some of the other heroes who have suffered permanent damage in this battle.

My Hero has only been getting better this season, and after this episode, I do not doubt that this battle’s conclusion will be one for the ages!

What is the My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 13 release date?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 13 is the next episode in the series. The episode will be titled “Final Performance”. It will be available on Crunchyroll starting Saturday, December 24th, 2022, at 5:30 a.m. EST.

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