Girlfriend Wars! Who is the ‘best girl’ in My Hero Academia for Shoto: Momo or Mina?

Momo and Mina from My Hero Academia beside one another with a vs symbol between them
Who is the best girl for Shoto? Mina or Momo? Pic credit: Studio Bones

Although My Hero Academia isn’t a romance-driven series, it can be fun for viewers to voice their opinions on what characters they would like to see together. Whether they’re arguing over which girl is the best for Deku or what hero couples make more sense than others, it’s always a trending topic when two fan favorites interact, giving their shippers hope.

One student fans love to speculate about is Shoto Todoroki and who the best girl for him is. The girls of UA adore him, and it’s not hard to understand why. He’s a cool guy with a relaxed personality, an enviable quirk, and good looks. The ladies of his class even voted him the best-looking boy by far! 

However, just because almost every lady is interested doesn’t mean they are all good choices. Fans love to ship Shoto with characters like Momo and Mina, but are they really the best option? If he’s as hot and cold on dating as he is on everything else, Shoto probably isn’t all that interested in dating anyway, but that doesn’t mean his interest won’t change later down the line.

Momo and Todoroki come from similar backgrounds. 

Momo Yaoyorozu is a class 1A student with a creation quirk. She and Shoto met in class; like him, she is the only other recommendation in 1A. 

Compared to some of the other girl’s in their class, Momo has a much curvier, more mature seeming figure. Her curves are especially helpful with her quirk, as she uses her stored fat cells for the energy needed to create objects. 

Aside from her good looks, Momo is also quite intelligent. She ranked first in the class after midterms, placing only a few ranks above Shoto, who placed fifth. 

When it comes to shipping, she’s one of the fans’ favorite choices for Shoto. The two already have a lot in common. They both come from well-off families who place a lot of expectations on them. They would easily be able to relate to one another. 

They’ve already proven they get along and work together well. In My Hero Academia season 2 episode 22 ‘Yaoyurozu: Rising’, the pair came together to fight Professor Aizawa in their exam. Even though there were several times she doubted her abilities, he encouraged Momo to trust her instincts, and she devised a plan that allowed them to defeat Aizawa and pass.

If you’re someone who keeps up with all things My Hero Academia, then you probably know about the official drama CD where that features a scene between Shoto and Momo. During the My Hero Academia drama, entitled “Ennichi Festival”, Momo and Todoroki walk around a Japanese festival together. As he compliments her and confides in her, you can’t help but get the feeling the two are meant for each other after hearing it. If Shoto were interested in a relationship, Momo would surely be a potential love interest.

Momo’s good points include:

  • She’s smart
  • Stunning good looks
  • Powerful quirk 
  • Comes from a “good” family 
  • The two work well together
  • They can relate to one another’s backgrounds

Momo’s negative points include:

  • Lacks confidence
  • Doesn’t seem to interact much with Shoto
Momo and Mina from My Hero Academia sit together during the festival.
Both girls have their own fan followings, but who is best for Shoto? Pic credit: Studio Bones

Mina’s got a squad she already hangs out with 

Mina Ashido is a class 1A student with an acid quirk. Like Momo, she met Shoto in class at UA.

Thanks to her quirk, Mina has a very unique look. She’s a cute girl with pink skin, pink hair, and an athletic body type that is said to make her one of the strongest girls in their class.

Despite being attractive and strong, Mina is not one of the brighter kids in class 1A. She ranked 19th out of 20 in their midterms. However, what she lacks in book smarts, she makes up for in hero ability though. Like Shoto, she is talented and confident in her quirk’s capabilities, meaning she often shines in the field.

In terms of shipping, Mina and Shoto isn’t the most conventionally popular option. There aren’t many girls that fans ship Shoto with in general, but she definitely isn’t as popular as Momo. While Mina’s outgoing personality may seem like a good choice to help bring Shoto out of his shell, they both already seem more compatible with other people.

While Shoto and Mom are quite popular, Mina is popular to ship with characters she hangs out with, such as Kirishima. Mina and Shoto don’t have as many interactions in the show as they do with other characters. Although he unexpectedly seconds her suggestion to dance in the school festival, outside of that, they rarely interact. The two have never hung out alone. While she is a great character, it hardly feels like she’s the best girl for Shoto.

Mina’s positive points include:

  • Adorably good looks 
  • Easy going personality that makes her easy to get along with 
  • Strong
  • Talented with her quirk
  • Could probably bring Shoto out of his shell

Mina’s negative points include:

  • Already has potential love interests in the Bakusquad, specifically Kirishima 
  • She might be a little too outgoing for Shoto’s chill personality
  • She and Shoto have not had much interaction
  • Is a bit of an airhead

So who is the best girl for Shoto, then?

So, after all this, you’re probably wondering who really is the best girl for Shoto. Most fans would say Momo Yaoyorozu, and I would be inclined to agree. It’s hard even finding another UA girl to compete with her.

Momo also feels like the girl that is being pushed for him, if the hints in the manga and show are any indication. Again, since My Hero Academia doesn’t put a lot of focus on romantic relationships, it could be that these just feel like meaningless high school crushes that go nowhere. However, if love was to blossom, these two feel like a natural fit.

Do you agree that Momo is the ‘best girl’? Are you enjoying My Hero Academia season 6? Let us know in the comment section below!

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